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The iPad Tablet is an amazing revolutionary device by Apple. We review all the apps for the iPad tablet and iPad Tablet cases.

Beautiful iPad Maps-UpNext HD Maps

A company called UpNext is redefining the use of maps on the iPad 2. UpNext has partnered with Verizon Wireless on a wonderful geographical mapping project that brings 3D technology to your iPad tablet. This iPad app is called UpNext HD Maps and it covers the entire U.S. of 20 major metro areas allowing an enhanced 3D city view.

Some of the cities UpNext includes in this iPad app: Los Angeles New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, and Atlanta, to name a few. Plus, more cities are coming soon. Some other really practical features include local search, venue reviews, deal finder and they’ve integrated Foursquare as well. Get UpNext HD here its free son the app store.  Continue reading

United Airlines Gives Out 11,000 iPads to Pilots

So many industries are adopting the iPad tablet as a solution to replace massive printed material whether it be text books or flight bags for commercial pilots. United Airlines announced today that they have made a complete transition to replace flight bags of navigation charts and manuals by offering their pilots 11,000 iPad 2 devices. Delta and American airlines have also gotten on board using the iPad 2 as flight bags.

Putting flight bags on the iPad tablet is a big cost saver because the airlines can save around 40 pounds of paper weight per pilot. Smart decision by the airlines since the iPad is so much easier for pilots to navigate and easier to keep up to date along with the ease of the iPad touch interface.  Continue reading

Daedalus Touch App for iPad

Daedalus Touch iPad app is a standout among text editors on the iTunes App Store. We were searching around to find something a bit more innovative in a text editor iPad app. Apple is known for it’s minimalist and simplistic design and we like Daedalus Touch for similar reasons. So many other text editor ipad apps dizzy up the brain with all their bells and whistles, that I find to be distracting when I sit down to focus on writing. Daedalus Touch uses “stacks” as way to organize your work and cuts through minutiae found in so many iPad apps. This text editor iPad app is an efficient and clean way to navigate your content.

The Daedalus Touch has a simple approach. Everything you create in this iPad app becomes a sheet, which resides under a topic sheet that creates a specific Continue reading

Kids Happily Return to School for New iPad 2

iPad education apps

My children are sad that summer has ended and now it’s back to school. However, one school has a remedy for the end of summer blues. Hand out an iPad 2 tablet to each student in your school instead of textbooks. Lake Minneola High School in Central Florida are doing just that. This is the first public school in Central Florida to purchase the iPad 2 for all their students at a cost of  about $700,000. However, school officials believe that the iPad 2 investment will actually save them money over the cost of textbooks.  Continue reading

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