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Sometimes your iPad may need an iPad stand. We search and review the best iPad stands available.

Never Lose Your iPad 2 or iPhone with these Accessories

If Apple engineers would use these accessories by Kensington they would stop losing their iPhone prototypes. Kensington has designed a groundbreaking iPad 2 accessory that guards against risk of theft or loss for iPad 2 and iPhone. SecureBack is an iPad 2 case and the BungeeAir is a case for the iPhone.

The Kensington SecureBack cases have a unique three-piece design that follows the slim Apple iPad 2 form factor. SecureBack stays attached to the rear of your iPad 2 device, while the ClickSafe Lock attaches to the SecureBack and another a stationary object. SecureBack iPad 2 accessory offers complete access to all your iPad 2 ports, cameras and speakers. The iPad 2 case also functions as a 2-way stand for typing and viewing. (video demo and screenshots after break) Continue reading

iPad Butler Alu-Floor Stand

We found a unique and modern german-designed iPad stand today that we really like. It’s called the iPad Butler Alu-Floor Stand and comes from the traditional German company, Vogelsang Engineering. We like the look of this clever deluxe stand for a range of applications. This could be a useful stand for a mobile kiosk check-in at medical offices or a product demo area in showrooms. What a statement of modernity when you enter the waiting room at instead of signing in with pen and paper you tap on the iPad Butler station.
This iPad Butler stand is made of aluminum and was originally designed for use in the living room. This iPad accessory has a flexible gooseneck that can be rotated in all directions so that you (screenshot and video below the break) Continue reading

Review: Snugg iPad 2 Case and Stand

Admittedly, I enjoy the beauty and design of the iPad 2 so much that I prefer it naked without a case. However, I do realize the need for protection especially recently when a friend dropped my iPad 2 while watching a video. Thankfully it hit carpet and there was no damage. Finding a case that elegantly matches up with the iPad’s stunning design is a challenge. Some iPad 2 cases that we’ve reviewed seem rushed to market and get negative marks for design points.

ipad 2 cases by SnuggIn this iPad 2 case review we’re looking at the Snugg iPad 2 Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand. The first thing we notice with this iPad 2 case is the classy business style design of this black faux leather case and stand. There is high quality off-white stitching along the edges and stiff extra protection under the front and rear cover of this iPad 2 case. The interior has a lovely suede feeling inside which is soft to the touch to keep scratches away from your iPad 2. (video demo below break) Continue reading

Bone HORN iPad 2 Stand and Speaker System

bone horn ipad standI met for a business appointment recently outside of a Starbucks. The traffic noise was normal and we could converse but when it came time for the presentation the presenter whipped out an odd looking iPad stand called the Bone HORN iPad 2 Stand. Once I got over the funky design of this iPad 2 stand I realized it was a speaker amplification system as well. The Bone HORN is a silicone adapter that fits on the bottom of an iPad 2 tablet and implements some acoustic science to amplify the sound from the built-in speakers. The video that the presenter played outside Starbucks would have been difficult to hear without her accompanying speaker system. The cleverness of this funky little iPad stand and speaker combo is how it delivers sound naturally without any need for battery or electrical power. This iPad accessory stand offers both portrait or landscape orientations. The Bone HORN iPad stand is pretty unique and a useful iPad accessory for the right setting.  This iPad 2 stand is priced at $29.95 from CyberGuys and comes in multiple colors (Black, Grey and Pink). (Video demo is below the break) Continue reading

3 Unique iPad Accessories

Clearly the iPad tablet is a revolutionary device that is rapidly gaining global adoption. We are always on the prowl for the best iPad apps but we keep our ear to the ground for great iPad accessories also. Here are 3 cool iPad accessories you may want to consider for your new iPad 2.

AirStash: We really like this wireless flash drive for drag and dropping files through WiFi. Since the iPad tablet has limited memory and storage with no USB ports to plug into an external hard drive, the iPad definitely needed a way to backup more data. That’s what this iPad accessory can do for you. Plus AirStash can even serve up your movies and music with built-in media streaming over WiFi. AirStash retails for $100 and you can get it here. (video demos below the break) Continue reading