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Pollinator HD for iPad

The eye catching iTunes store icon of Pollinator HD is what grabbed my attention while perusing the educational games iPad apps. I downloaded this graphically pleasing app and promptly and checked it out on my iPad 2 tablet The start page was lovely, exciting and and eye-catching.

The illustrations are really well done and the game play for children is inviting and easy to navigate in this touch-based iPad app. My 5 year old son plays a lot on my iPad so it is interesting to see what apps he is drawn towards. The Pollinator HD was a natural fit for him developmentally as he intuitively understood the flow of play. It’s pretty simple for your child to get started in this app as your finger draws the desired path for Buzz the Bee to be directed toward the flowers. You can then direct them back to their hive with the same touch guide. My son also really enjoyed squashing the dragonflies just but touching them with your finger. Continue reading

Leostream Connect iPad App

best ipad appsLeostream has just released an iPad app that integrates with their enterprise solutions for mobile desktops. The app is called Leostream Connect and is available on the app store as a free download. The Leostream Connect iPad app offers customers secure reliable access to their Microsoft® Windows® desktops and applications directly from their iPad tablet device.

There are a number of desktop access apps on the app store but Leostream Connect is different. In this iPad app along with Leostream Mobile Desktops you’ll get seamless access to your Windows desktops and applications without needing to purchase desktop hardware or to implement a complex virtual desktop infrastructure. Continue reading

This iPad App Gets You Ready for Christmas

best ipad appsHere in Atlanta we’re already seeing the early signs of Christmas decorating and shopping malls being converted toward the holiday season. In keeping with the biggest U.S. holiday of the year we found an iPad app that will get you into the Christmas spirit from German developer GR.IT. They are a small developer team having just recently released an exclusive Christmas App just for the iPad. The app is called X-mas Calendar 2011.

This creative iPad app celebrates the traditional Christmas holiday calendar but also integrates the traditional Advent Calendars. In this creative seasonal app the design includes neatly painted pictures where little stories are being told. X-mas Calendar 2011 app uses modern animations that take advantage of the visual and touch interface of the iPad.  Continue reading

Review: Where Is It? HD for iPad

best ipad appsI’m a visual person so I really enjoy beautiful images. Now combine HD images of the most famous places from all over the world and turn it into a game and I’m hooked. The developer Legend Software Group has recently released a new exclusive iPad app called Where Is It? HD.

When you first tap to open this fun iPad app image trivia game you’ll be given three options to select in starting the game. You’ll choose either the 15, 25 or 50 question option to begin. My score was surprising poor my first try with the 15 question game. In fact, my one correct answer was the “Old Royal Palace, Denmark (I missed all the U.S. locations). I was humbled so I spent the next 30 minutes laser focused on improving my score.  Continue reading

Review: iDuhKnow App for iPad 2

We found a pretty unique and cool iPad 2 apps called iDuhKnow.The developer of this 3D game for iPad 2 is the Los Angeles design company, The Illusion Factory. The iDuhKnow game app is smartly designed to take advantage of the iPad 2’s beautiful display along with the on board gyroscope and acceleromater.

When we first opened this iPad 2 apps it grabbed our attention with the nice graphics and cutting edge user interface. After you download this game apps for iPad 2 we predict that you’ll be staying up late at night trying to conquer this cranium expanding game. We found ourselves immersed in the range of fun, yet challenging game questions and puzzles you must navigate past. (screenshots after the break)  Continue reading

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