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Review: Kids Mosaic HD

We found a clever iPad app for children that brings those popular mosaic kits to the iPad tablet. This great new iPad app is even better in that it lets children have the mosaic experience without the mess and cleanup. This app is called Kids Mosaic HD and it involves replicating 36 different images or your child can just use this iPad app in a free play mode to come up with their own designs.

The Kids Mosaic HD app has two modes of play. We really liked the adventure mode which offers children the ability to select their own mosaic image from a collection and then recreate it using colored tiles. Nine tile pieces are used to create the pictures, they include a square, four triangles and four quadrants. With a tap and drag the tiles can be easily moved into twelve different colors. Once children have selected their mosaic image they can begin moving the pieces on the iPad tablet screen. A more advanced game method for older children can recreate the picture by counting the number of pieces and then move the tiles to the correct space they belong. Continue reading

Review: Coloring Smart App for Children

We came across a cute and fun educational iPad app for kids by the developer Thematic Media GmbH. This fun iPad app is called Coloring Smart – Fun and Education for Kids. This iPad app was released a few weeks back and we think it is one of the best iPad apps for children to color and draw with.

Coloring has always been an excellent activity for learning with young children. The Coloring Smart app is great for developing your child’s skill levels in learning numbers, shape recognition and mental calculation.(video demo and screenshots after the break) Continue reading

My Big World iPad App for Children

We found a fun and interesting iPad app for children this week. This interactive app comes from the developer aDad Ltd and is call My Big World. This app for children offers hours of entertainment and education on life around the globe.  The developer was smart to include tons of content with over 350 pages of wonderful images, videos, illustrations, stories and games. My Big World is aimed at the 3-6 year old age range.

Your young children will enjoy using this easy to navigate app that offers a touch and learn interface. The images and illustrations and high quality and will captivate young learners. There is something for all children as they explore 14 different countries on 7 different continents. We think your children will enjoy learning about other children and their culture from around the world in this educational app. Continue reading

Baby-Chef iPad App for Toddlers

This is our third installment in a series of app reviews from the developers at Today we’re looking at another educational iPad app game is called Baby-Chef. As with this developers other children’s apps this iPad game is useful in helping your child developmentally. Baby-Chef app helps develop fine motor skills and visual perception skills as they use touch interactions to create different meals from the main menu.The Baby-Chef app is developed with young children 2 plus year old. My young four year-old enjoyed selecting her own ingredients and creating different meals all own her easily just with tapping and dragging on her iPad 2 device. (screenshots below after the break)  Continue reading

Math Learning for Children While Watering the Garden

Teach your children addition and subtraction in this fun iPad app called Grow Your Garden HD. We really like how the app developers made learning math fun while playing the Grow Your Garden game.

Child Play on This Math App

Your children will start with level one of the twelve levels of learning currently available for this iPad app. As you open and begin this apps for iPad offers child-friendly tutorials will demonstrate how to water the plants and how to refill the water cans.This Math apps for iPad grows in difficulty when the numbers don’t match up exactly. Each flower needs a certain number of water drops in order to grow the seed that is planted in the pot. This best iPad apps has Continue reading