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We review iPad Best Apps on the app store, announcing iPad Best Apps each day as they’re released.

Review: Seconds to New Year App

The holiday shopping is over at my house. We’re starting to relax and slide on into the string of U.S. holidays coming in the days ahead. Namely, Christmas Day and New Years Day. Joe Allen has developed a great New Years countdown app for iPad that he just released on December 15th. This iPad app is called Seconds to New Year. 

I don’t know about you but I pretty much take my iPad everywhere I go now. No really. For example, I went to the grocery store and used the free wifi to surf while shopping. At my son’s basketball games it’s with me in the bleachers. We’re going to a big neighborhood New Years eve party and I’m going to break out this seasonal iPad app to be the official time keeper to ring in the new year. (screenshots after the break) Continue reading

Woodcraft iPad App

best ipad appsWe found a really great iPad app for designing your next project or deck building job. We put it to the test with a premier PVC deck builder in Atlanta to get their input. This iPad app for business combines elements of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and 3D modeling into a useful in-the-field app. This iPad app is called Woodcraft and is brought to you from the developer Fasterre. This is a useful tool not only for the professional builder but can tackle your home woodworking projects also. (screenshots and video demo after break) Continue reading

Ginormous iPad App Released

If you are like me we’re all looking for more ways to have a laugh during the holidays. I was recently at a friends 40th birthday party and he got a prank call from a hired professional who does Christopher Walken impressions. We all laughed so hard it was painful. It changed the party atmosphere from average to epic. We found an app that was just released exclusively for the iPad that we think is a hoot. It’s called GinormaPhone and we think you’ll get some laughs with this app at the company Christmas party.  Continue reading

Leostream Connect iPad App

best ipad appsLeostream has just released an iPad app that integrates with their enterprise solutions for mobile desktops. The app is called Leostream Connect and is available on the app store as a free download. The Leostream Connect iPad app offers customers secure reliable access to their Microsoft® Windows® desktops and applications directly from their iPad tablet device.

There are a number of desktop access apps on the app store but Leostream Connect is different. In this iPad app along with Leostream Mobile Desktops you’ll get seamless access to your Windows desktops and applications without needing to purchase desktop hardware or to implement a complex virtual desktop infrastructure. Continue reading

Best iPad App for Developers

ipad best appsFor all you up and coming iPad app developers there is an ingenious and best iPad app that we’ve seen that allows developers and app designers to code apps on their iPad.

Codify is the company behind this new app for iPad just released. This may be the best code editor you’ll use on your iPad. It is easy and designed so you can touch your code right on the iPad. Imagine being able to tap and drag an item to change the number, color or picture. In this coding app tapping the interface will pop up Codify’s visual editors. Amazingly this app allows you to create iPad apps and iPad games using the Lua programming language. (Video demonstration below the break.)  Continue reading

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