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We review iPad Best Apps on the app store, announcing iPad Best Apps each day as they’re released.

NARR8 iPad App For The Holidays

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 7.44.00 AMWe found an iPad app just in time for the Christmas holiday season. This iPad app is called NARR8 by the developer NARR8 Limited.  The NARR8 app is a unique new iPad app that is also a book format that we found very enjoyable. The graphics and content are great quality and think you the reader will find entertaining and enlightening.

Each series offers a range of episodic content from different genres. NARR8 isn’t simply an eBook platform, nor is it simply a standard educational or edutainment app. The NARR8 app for iPad offers level of interactivity that we found captivating. The developers have designed a fun app for the whole family that is full of animations, HD audio, and special effects. (screenshots and video demo after break) Continue reading

Review:Mr Brainy

From the developers of the new iPad app Mr. Blimp comes another app called Mr. Brainy. Mr Brainy is a fun, interactive memory training game app for the whole family. In this iPad app you’ll enjoy the nice interface and graphics in this game app.(screenshots after the break)

The design of this app includes five categories to chose from: Letters, Numbers, Animals, Colours and Fruits & Vegetables. When you tap on the app the game starts and you’ll be brought to the opening screen that shows the locations of pairs briefly. Next these pairs will disappear and the object of the game is to remember the location of where they were located to match up the pairs. Continue reading

New iPad App-Be There:Yosemite

If you love to travel to beautiful places then you’ll enjoy a new iPad app released a few days ago. The app is called Be There: Yosemite, and was developed by Red Hill Studios. This iPad app is the the second in a series of innovative ‘mobile virtual reality’ apps for iPad that look great on your retina display. These innovative apps let you explore popular travel locations and in this installment they show off the stunning National Park of Yosemite. Continue reading

Review-CogniFit Brain Fitness for iPad

best ipad appsMore and more folks are realizing the importance of training the mind and exercising the brain like a muscle We found a great new iPad app for this that was just released a few days ago. The app is called CogniFit Brain Fitness for iPad and is a brain training app, although that is not a category on the iTunes app store(it will be one day).

With CogniFit Brain Fitness for iPad you will enjoy different games that are designed to challenge your mind and stretch your cognitive skills! 

The developers of CogniFit claim that this app is scientifically validated to offer a personalized brain fitness training. (Screenshots and video after the break) Continue reading