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10 iPad apps in one Bjork album

Bjork has  a clever idea that will make iPad owners take note. Bjork, the Iceland native and dance-pop artist, is set to release her new album Biophilia as a multimedia project, comprised of a separate iPad apps for each song. We love this marketing idea and think it could be a great success for creating buzz and more sales. An innovative iPad 2 app album is the best category name for it.

Biophilia will be Björk’s seventh album to date, with the title itself meaning “love of life or living systems” and a whole host of music and video production talent lined up to help out on this iPad music app project. The album (Biophilia) will be comprised of 10 separate apps under the umbrella of one Album app with each interior app will allow the user to explore all the album tracks in a multitude of ways, or remix them in various playback modes. The iPad music app is set to be premiered as a multimedia live immersive experienc at this year’s Manchester International Festival (MIF), were she has a three-week residency throughout July. Bjork commissioned interactive artist Scott Snibbe to help create her new app.  Snibbe gives the example of one song, called Virus, which he describes as “a kind of a love story between a virus and a cell. And of course the virus loves the cell so much that it destroys it.”  We can’t wait to see the release of this cutting edge approach from the music industry using the iPad interface. It all sounds kinda whacky but sign us up for a review and a sneak peak please when Bjork unveils this experience  at the Manchester International Festival next month.

Square Register for iPad

The big announcement from Square happened on Monday in New York and it did not disappoint. Square is the company that introduced the card reader that allows point of sale on iOS devices. Now Square takes their concept to the next level with the introduction “Square Register” for iPad and iPad 2. This is really exciting and innovative integration with the iPad 2. The vision here by Square is eventually to replace the traditional cash register with iPads that are equipped with the new Square Register device and software interface. The Square ipad app will allow businesses to customize the screen interface with their full list of products and brand it for their business.

Analytics tools will allow businesses to see up-the-minute details on sales performance, broken down by any number of metrics to help businesses study sales trends. The Square Register functionality comes as an update to the iPad version of the company’s universal App Store app.
How it will really catch on is with the consumer. Square also, introduced the “Card Case” along with the Square Register. This virtual business card give customers a lot of detail about their favorite merchants. From your virtual card case you be able to access live-updated menus and product listings and see your transaction histories.

Square CEO, Jack Dorsey compares this to having a permanent tab opened with the business will allow a customer to establish a relationship with a business and pay for goods without having to carry a wallet. Your receipts are pushed to your phone for record-tracking. iPad and iPhone users can initiate a payment by activating the business’s Square Card on their phone when within range of the business and then simply giving their name at the register to have the purchase charged to their account.

You should be able to start using Square Register and Square Cards in New York City, San Francisco, Washington DC, St. Louis, and Los Angeles with selected Square merchants right away. Can’t wait to see merchants using their iPad 2 cash registers.

All Together children’s iPad app

There are so many great and entertaining games for young children on the iPhone. All Together is the name of a new iPad game app that we are reviewing here on our blog. It’s refreshing to review an iPad app for children and especially this one. All Together is wholesome, fun and entertaining. We think not only will the young children have a blast but so will the rest of the family. In this iPad game you can walk in the clouds, skip through blossoming fields, and dive deep down to swim in the mysterious ocean. It is easy to get started and kids will be able to teach you how to use the game pretty quickly. This game is perfect for children 4 years old and up. Parents will like the educational aspect of this app for children. Developmentally it stretches children to coordinate vision and touch. This app challenges the child to make a quick decision based on the different animations moving across the iPad’s touch screen. This children’s game app for iPad will leave anyone who interacts with it feeling a little bit happier. All Together has beautiful colorful illustrations that really stand out on the iPad and iPad 2 screen. The illustrator for this iPad app is the English artist Andy Ward. We really like the brilliant colors in this children’s iPad game and the music matches the game environment perfectly. You can download this from the iTunes app store by clicking here at a cost of $2.99. The developer for this iPad is De Agostini Editore who has had other successes on the app store. Continue reading

Our Choice iPad app from Al Gore

Al Gore, our former vice president, released his new book on the iPad today. This ipad book app looks really good and features text, images, interactive graphics, audio commentary and of course, documentary video. This iPad app is an immersive experience that will leave you disturbed and captivated by the climate change issues facing our times. We think this belongs in the best iPad apps category although it is in the books category on the App Store. Click here to get Al Gore’s Our Choice iPad 2 app on the app store.

iPad App Assassin’s Creed-Altairs Chronicles

Finally Assassin’s Creed for the iPad. This iPad app has superior High Def graphics and has a customizable interface. You will enjoy mastering your assassin skills in one of the best ipad app games to arrive in the app store. This ipad app has a story that is set in Jerusalem in 1191 A.D. and you are the Altair Master assassin who can end the crusades. Go ahead and dive into the prequel to Assassin’s Creed and enjoy the rich gameplay on the iPad.