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Review-CogniFit Brain Fitness for iPad

best ipad appsMore and more folks are realizing the importance of training the mind and exercising the brain like a muscle We found a great new iPad app for this that was just released a few days ago. The app is called CogniFit Brain Fitness for iPad and is a brain training app, although that is not a category on the iTunes app store(it will be one day).

With CogniFit Brain Fitness for iPad you will enjoy different games that are designed to challenge your mind and stretch your cognitive skills! 

The developers of CogniFit claim that this app is scientifically validated to offer a personalized brain fitness training. (Screenshots and video after the break) Continue reading

App Release-So You Want To Be A Vet

It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S. and many are traveling with a car load of children to visit family. We found a new app that will keep the animal lovers in the backseat entertained. This app is called “So You Want To Be A Vet?” and was developed by Kari S Trotsky Bell. This app is for kids of all ages who want to learn more about their favorite dogs and cats and other animals.

In this app you’ll find it feeds the curiosity of children who really want to learn more about dogs and cats. Who knows maybe one day they’ll choose to become a veterinarian because of the time spent playing and learning in the app. Continue reading

App Review for Facearound

best ipad appsWe just found a much needed iPad app that integrates with your Facebook account. This app for iPad is called Facearound. This Facebook iPad App was cleverly designed by the developer to help you discover the best local places near your current location.

We found it easy to navigate in the app and the user interface is clean and user friendly. You can arrive at the Facearound portal directly by using your Facebook log-in credentials. Once you arrive at Facearound you will be able to write reviews about your favorite hot spots around town. For example next time you are at your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, dry cleaners … or any kind of local business you can leave your review.  Continue reading

Review: Bear Rescue HD for iPad

We are reviewing today a new iPad app game that was just released on the iTunes app store on October 23, 2012. The developer is Wheiros and the app is called Bear Rescue HD. This game app offers fun for the whole family. This mind puzzle iPad app game has nice graphics that you’ll enjoy on your iPad tablet device.

The object of this game is to help the little bears find their way back to their basket. You’ll need to guide the bears through a range of obstacles which include avoiding the dreaded ducks and stinging bees. You’ll also need to avoid letting the balls fill up the the bears place in the basket. (video demo and screen shot after the break) Continue reading

Mix 2 Color Children’s App

best ipad appsWe found a cool educational app for iPad that was recently updated on the iTunes app store called Mix 2 Color. Mix 2 Color is an educational game that looks really good on your iPad display. The graphic design is clean bright and cheerful.  The developers of this app have given thought to helping your child to develop their creativity in this app. The easy-to-use interface allows your child to easily comprehend how to interact with the app and play the games. (video and screenshot after the break) Continue reading