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iPad App Talking Rex the Dinosaur

Rex is a talking dinosaur, a Tyrannosaurus rex in this iPad app. He can repeat anything you say with his deep threatening voice.

You can pet him, poke his tail, head & body. You can even feed him a steak, make him fight another t-rex or play fetch with him.

Record your own videos of Roby and save them to your library and send them as MMS, share them on YouTube & Facebook or send them by email.

HOW TO PLAY this iPad app.
Talk to Rex and he will repeat your words with his deep dinosaur voice.
Touch his tail and he will try to bite you.
Poke Rex repeatedly and he will get very angry.
Pet him and he will really enjoy.
Press buttons to make Rex fight another t-rex, eat a steak or play fetch.
Record videos, save them to your library and send them as MMS, upload them to YouTube & Facebook or send them by email.

Talking Rex iPad app is the sixth character in the Talking Friends series.


iPad App Chop Chop Caveman

Following the success of Chop Chop Ninja, Gamerizon brings you their new, exciting action platformer: Chop Chop Caveman! This is the latest game in the successful Chop Chop franchise (over 6 million games downloaded!). Big update coming soon: optional “virtual dpad” control scheme and a whole new winter world!

“Chop Chop Caveman easily ranks among the best platformers on the iPhone”-GameZebo

*** Media reviews
“the developers have yet again done the impossible and created a full fledged, non-lackluster platformer for the iDevice!” – iphonealley

“You get a lot of thump for your buck in this one, and I have no problem calling it a MUST HAVE” – NoDpad

“Chop Chop Caveman is a great new platformer that features a ‘smart’ control system” AppSpy

Chop Chop Caveman awakes to a grumbling empty stomach and a deep craving for delicious dinosaur meat.

Guide him on his daily hunt to seek out his breakfast, lunch, dinner and a late midnight snack.

To satisfy this caveman’s carnivorous appetite, he will need to devour pounds after pounds of Delectable Dinosaur Steaks, Tantalizing T-Rex Ribs, Prehistoric Pug Sausage and any other exotic creature he may encounter…

Are you hungry enough for the challenge? … Rawrrrr!

*** Intuitive controls

No virtual joystick or buttons. You only need one finger to perform all the different actions.

*** Universal Application with Full Retina Display Support
Gorgeous and colorful cartoony visuals that get the most out of your devices’ displays

*** Environment with physics

Solve unique physics-based puzzles by throwing and breaking objects to interact with your environment

*** An Epic Adventure

20 levels to explore including 4 Boss fights, gorgeous locations, silly enemies, hidden objects and interactive elements

*** Compete with your friends

OpenFeint and Game Center achievements and leaderboards included to give you the chance of becoming the most impressive Chop Chop Caveman on the planet.

* Intuitive touch gameplay,
* 20 Immersive colorful prehistoric levels over 4 different worlds,
* Unique physics-based puzzles,
* Spectacular boss fights,
* Catchy hum along soundtrack created specially for this game,
* Hidden special collectibles,
* 15 Achievements,
* OpenFeint and Game Center leaderboards,
* Meat… Lots and lots of meat.

*** Version 1.0 Note ***
We’re aware of the issue where Game Center achievements don’t get unlocked even though they’re unlocked in OpenFeint. An update has been submitted to Apple that solves this problem. It’s just a display issue, no progress will be lost.

iPad App Trucks and Skulls

This iPad app game is the physics puzzler you’ve been waiting for! Smash NITRO-BURNING MONSTER TRUCKS into piles of GIANT SKULLS!
The Haunted Wastelands, and Industrial Armageddon and fun landscapes to play on your iPad. Rev up your engines and launch your trucks from the Screamstrip Ramp, then tap the screen to make them pull stunts and EXPLODE as they crash into buildings and scaffolds to destroy lurking, leering skulls.

Trucks & Skulls is an easy to iPad app game to play and loaded with explosions, collapsing buildings, wicked cool art, and the most epic collection of Monster Trucks ever!