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iPad Moleskine app

Think, type and draw the moleskine way. The official Moleskine iPad app just hit the Apple app store a few days ago. If you are Moleskine fan we think you’ll enjoy it on the iPad and iPad 2. This productivity ipad app allows you to express your creativity through text, images and sketches. This iPad app takes full advantage of the touch screen similar to other drawing and note taking ipad apps. The Moleskine ipad app lets you select their classic notebook paper style. You’ll enjoy creating a drawing with the ability to select amongst different colors and sizes. Once you are done with drawing or writing your idea, you can store it on your device inside the Moleskine iPad app and make edits whenever you want. We like the ease of writing or editing a text note. We like being able to choose 3 different Moleskine notebook paper styles: plain, ruled, squared. Not only can you import you images into this iPad app but you can Geo-tag each note created and create a virtual map of your memories. Giving shape to what’s in your mind has never been so elegant and easy in one of the best iPad 2 apps of its kind.

Planner iPad 2 app

We just downloaded the Planner for iPad 2 app. This iPad app gives you a traditional weekly agenda and todo list on the same viewing page. In landscape orientation on the ipad it places the calendar on the left, a list of tasks on the right side of the page view.
Planner for iPad 2 integrates the built-in Calendar iPad app to provide event alerts on the default iPad calendar. Although the calendar claims you can manage your life from this ipad app we only see this a sligh add on improvement to the pre-installed iPad calendar. One big negative it that this iPad app doesn’t import your system calendar events and doesn’t support repeating events.
The layout view here in this app is very popular in many bound paper planners like Daytimer and Franklin Covey. It’s a comfortable way to stay organized. The tasks stay put no matter what week it is, and you can cycle between your current, someday, and completed tasks.  The Quick entry feature lets you only just  type a word or two to create an event or a task which is a nice feature.

This iPad app Planner doesn’t have a lot of task categories, tags, a half dozen status lists, and mandatory workflows. It is a simpler version with a nice layout view.

Audiotorium Notes for iPad

The future of note taking is here right on your iPad and iPad 2! With the Audiotorium iPad app you’ll be amazed at all the note taking features. One that we really like is how it is integrated with Dropbox support. Now you can easily Dropbox your notes and they will be backed up to the cloud and available instantly, anywhere, to any device with internet. This iPad app is a great way to record, organize, review and share your audio and text notes from your meetings, classes, and conferences. We highly recommend this iPad app to all heavy note takers. This iPad app is as useful as it is brilliantly stylized with its beautiful interface and unique approach to organizing notes by Category and Subject, you’ll always be able to find the notes you want, fast on your iPad.

Inkpad for iPad

How many times have you thought of a great idea, but didn’t have any thing to write it down on. Or a landscape you want to sketch but don’t have your sketch pad. From the creators of Brushes comes the iPad app Inkpad is a professional vector illustration app designed from scratch for the iPad. InkPad Notepad is a simple, elegant, easy to use notes iPad app. Much like the “Brushes” app, it had an enticing “touch and go” quality about it, with the ability to easily make paths, add and delete anchor points, create unlimited vector layer and custom gradients, etc. The original debut was postponed about four months, we think this iPad app might’ve been well worth the wait and are putting this in the best ipad apps category.

The Naked iPad 2

The iPad 2 goes on sale today at 5pm at Apple Stores in the U.S. This new strategy by Apple to take off the iPad’s clothes is surprising. How many times have you seen an iPad without a full cover or case covering up every part other than the screen? Now Apple is telling us to take the covers off and go with the naked iPad 2. Does that mean that the iPad 2 case is more scratch resistant? Nope, it means Apple has shifting their marketing and are now creating a new revenue stream. It looks like the Smart Covers are shipping and are expected for delivery ahead of the iPad 2’s that they are going to cover. What are you guys going to do with your Smart Covers until your iPad 2 arrives? You could try them attaching them to your car door. That would be a real head-turner at the traffic stops. You might try them as refrigerator magnet also. What are you thoughts about these nifty little screen protectors?