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25 Million iPads Sold

WWDC 2011 is still going strong and Apple news keeps rolling in. Apple announced that it has sold a total of 25 million iPads to date and 200 million iOS devices. Are we all getting numb to these staggering sales figures quarter after quarter from Apple? The iTunes store has sold 15 billion songs and 90,000 iPad apps. Almost every PC, phone, and consumer electronics device maker has either released or announced a tablet in the last year. But Apple has clearly emerged  as the butt kicker in the tablet market. The iPad was first launched only 14 months ago, and the iPad 2 just a few months ago and in that short time Apple has taken over the global tablet market with no clear competitor emerging. If you haven’t sold your RIMM stock then do that first and then sell your Playbook and buy yourself an iPad 2 and feel better.

A Great App for Toddlers

Most parents look out for educational games that can help their toddler grasp basics like colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. While some iPad apps for children are solely for entertainment, others engage and teach young children. TapTot iPad app by Blue Mint Studios is a great way to keep younger kids engaged while they learn.

TapTot is specifically designed for pre-schoolers. The colors are amazing, and the app development makes the iPad app easy to use. Children who are still developing their motor skills can easily learn by “matching and catching.” As an artist, I’m impressed by the unique look of this iPad app for children. The learning elements and the background appears to be three dimensional and inviting.

Fortunately, Blue Mint Studios has thrown in a bonus with this remarkable app – a matching mini game. This game reinforces what the child has learned by boosting his/her memory. TapTot is fun, friendly, and engaging for tots. When it’s time to pick out apps for the kids, parents don’t have to leave out the pre-schoolers. TapTot would make a great addition to your iPad!


10 iPad apps in one Bjork album

Bjork has  a clever idea that will make iPad owners take note. Bjork, the Iceland native and dance-pop artist, is set to release her new album Biophilia as a multimedia project, comprised of a separate iPad apps for each song. We love this marketing idea and think it could be a great success for creating buzz and more sales. An innovative iPad 2 app album is the best category name for it.

Biophilia will be Björk’s seventh album to date, with the title itself meaning “love of life or living systems” and a whole host of music and video production talent lined up to help out on this iPad music app project. The album (Biophilia) will be comprised of 10 separate apps under the umbrella of one Album app with each interior app will allow the user to explore all the album tracks in a multitude of ways, or remix them in various playback modes. The iPad music app is set to be premiered as a multimedia live immersive experienc at this year’s Manchester International Festival (MIF), were she has a three-week residency throughout July. Bjork commissioned interactive artist Scott Snibbe to help create her new app.  Snibbe gives the example of one song, called Virus, which he describes as “a kind of a love story between a virus and a cell. And of course the virus loves the cell so much that it destroys it.”  We can’t wait to see the release of this cutting edge approach from the music industry using the iPad interface. It all sounds kinda whacky but sign us up for a review and a sneak peak please when Bjork unveils this experience  at the Manchester International Festival next month.

Photoshop companion iPad apps

Today Adobe released three Photoshop CS5 companion iPad apps. This is in conjunction with Adobe’s new Creative Suite 5.5 that was released last week with iPad apps support for Photoshop. The 3 new apps  are available today for sale on the iTunes app store. These three iPad applications, which range in price from $1.99 to $4.99, require Adobe Photoshop CS5 version 12.0.4.
Adobe Eazel ($4.99): Offers digital artists a way to create stunning and realistic paintings with fingertip touch and introduces a new kind of interaction between “wet” and “dry” paints. This iPad app takes advantage of cutting-edge painting technology on the iPad. The paintings that you create can then be sent directly to Photoshop CS5 for compositing or for developing the artwork further.


Adobe Color Lava ($2.99): Creative professionals are able to use this iPad app with their fingertips to mix colors on , creating custom color swatches and themes to transfer back into Photoshop. The app offers mmediate access to those color creations within Photoshop CS5 with a wifi sync to your Mac or PC. Adobe Color Lava iPad app will be great to use on the go whenever inspiration grabs you. You can also email your Adobe Color Lava creations to yourself and others from within this iPad app

Adobe Nav ($1.99): Increases workflow efficiency by letting users select and control Photoshop tools using your iPad as the input enterface. This iPad app lets you customize the toolbar, browse and zoom in on up to 200 open Photoshop files or easily create new files.
More companion applications are expected with Adobe’s new Photoshop Touch SDK that was released to iOS developers recently. It allows developers to create iPad apps that interact with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CS5 Extended software. Continue reading

Our Choice iPad app from Al Gore

Al Gore, our former vice president, released his new book on the iPad today. This ipad book app looks really good and features text, images, interactive graphics, audio commentary and of course, documentary video. This iPad app is an immersive experience that will leave you disturbed and captivated by the climate change issues facing our times. We think this belongs in the best iPad apps category although it is in the books category on the App Store. Click here to get Al Gore’s Our Choice iPad 2 app on the app store.

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