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Fring beats Skype to Market with Video Chat for iPad 2

Skype for iPad 2 will be released very soon but Fring already has lept ahead of Skype and released it’s own video conference feature. Fring allows up to four people to simultaneously video chat, right in the iPad 2 window. When the iPad 2 was announced, we weren’t surprised about the inclusion of front and rear-facing cameras for video recording and video chatting. FaceTime has been such a big hit for Apple so now, Fring has introduced the ability to conduct group video calling for it’s most current iPad app update.
Fring, which supports multiple chat clients and video calling, is the first to enable this feature for the iPad tablet and we are looking forward to seeing how smooth the video chat experience actually will be. This top iPad app will make full use of multi-touch gestures on the iPad 2 and supports free voice calls to MSN, Yahoo!, and Google Talk. Continue reading

Skype iPad 2 App out soon?

If you are addicted to Skype like we are you’ll be glad to know that a Skype iPad 2 app seems to be on its way soon. At least that is the impression you’ll get from the promo video released today by Skype. The original Skype released video has since been pulled which may mean someone over at Skype got a pink slip today. But you can check out a ripped version of the video after the break. It looks like the days of blowing up your iPhone using Skype are coming to an end. Skype hasn’t announced a date for the release of their iPad 2 app, but the fact that a video of the Skype app has leaked out on YouTube makes us think the app is expected to be approved for the app store soon. TUAW got on the phone with Skype’s Rick Osterloh about the upcoming iPad 2 app, and Osterloh says that you can expect most of the functionality to carry over from the iPhone app for this new Skype app for the iPad. This makes a lot sense for Skype since the release of iPad 2 with a camera on it, it was likely that we’d see a Skype iPad 2 app eventually. Continue reading

Bamboo Paper iPad 2 app

Bamboo Paper, a seriously fun new iPad app that allows you to design your own virtual notebooks on your iPad 2. Wacom is broadening their product line with the addition of the Bamboo Paper iPad 2 App to go along with their popular Bamboo Stylus. This is a cool app/stylus combination and we really like how these 2 flow together letting you share your idea sketches in a matching app interface. This app is great for mind mapping or brain storming your ideas in a visual way. And when you need to find a previous drawing or sketch you can rifle through the thumbnail images of your masterpieces to quickly select them. This would be great for demonstrations or group collaboration.  You can also share what you doodled on your iPad via email or just print right from this iPad 2 app for productivity. Paired with the Bamboo Stylus, it turns your iPad 2 into a really nice paperless communication tool. Bamboo paper is a new iPad app that we recommend . There are a number of other popular drawing top iPad apps out there, for example Penultimate, but the combination of both stylus and app together in Bamboo paper are great.  You can download it for free on the iTunes app store by clicking here. Video demo is below the fold. Continue reading

Top iPad app Splashtop-remote desktop app

Both iPad and iPad 2 do not ship with flash. Samsung recently took a jab at this apparent weakness in a recent commercial for their Galaxy Tab. There are plenty of work arounds to be able to view flash on your iPad. One iPad app solution is with a remote desktop. The best iPad app remote desktop we’ve seen is Splashtop.  Most of us never have any flash issues or a need to run items from our desktop on our iPad 2. But you may change your mind with this top iPad app for mirroring your desktop on the iPad. Splashtop offers some nice iPad tricks that allow you to easily watch HULU videos or play browser based zombie games that you currently can’t do on your iPad.

With the Splashtop iPad app you can share any computer that has the Splashtop software installed  and shares the same Wi-Fi network. By linking up the two devices you can surf the exact same browser as you would on the PC and this provides the perfect workout for browsing to sites such as Hulu where you can watch the videos that would be impossible using just the iPad. Continue reading

TouchCard iPad app for kids

Our 2 year old bangs and slobers on the iPad every chance she gets. We’ve noticed that she gets extra excited when she plays with this recent iPad app we downloaded called “Mr.shape’s TouchCard”.This iPad app is basically a series of picture cards for kids that the developer, KOO-KI (Japanese) describes as touch interactive education cards. This game has been recreated based on the original Japanese film animation by the same name. We like it especially since our daughter seems to prefer it, for now, each time she gets her hands on the iPad. We think that the bright colors and excellent illustrations are the best features in this iPad app. This app is a lot of fun and the beautiful interface really pulls you in and grabs the attention of younger children. This is a really different type of iPad app for the education category so you may just need to download to experience it. There are 9 picture cards included and a deluxe version is on the way with even more picture cards. Each picture card that you click on is interactive with fun sounds. The lion roars, and press on each grape and it makes a noise or plays a song. If your child is like ours we think you they will be captivated by this iPad app for children and find new things each time they play.

The app is free on the app store.

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