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iPad App for the 24th Century

If you are Trekkie then you probably already know about this new iPad app that arrived on the app store yesterday. For you non-trekkies that watched Star Trek: The Next Generation series this iPad app will a must-have. This Star Trek iPad app called the PADD(Personal Access Display Device)  converts your iPad tablet into a famous science fiction device that resembles what was used on the series.

CBS Interactive has built the Star Trek PADD iPad app that duplicates the original design of the LCARS (Library Computer Access and Retrieval System) user interface that all of the computers on the Star Trek: The Next Generation series used. This iPad app also includes a database of information about alien races, ship models, along with a detailed TNG episode guide. (video demo below the break) Continue reading

iPad App and Accessory Parents Will Love

For all you parents driving a minivan full of kids on vacation I’ve found a great solution for highway boredom for the kids. Of course, you can play movies all the way to the beach but you may prefer this iPad accessory which is educational and entertaining. Crayola and Griffin Technology have teamed up to solve this problem together with this iPad app plus iPad accessory. It’s called the Crayola ColorStudio HD iPad app which turns your iPad tablet into digital drawing canvas. (Video demo below the break) 
The Crayola brand has been a family favorite for years along with the technology over at Griffin make this a nice combo. Combining this iPad app along with a special marker pen stylus called the iMarker introduces a new iPad art experience for all your children. Your children will be engaged in coloring in images with the iMarker stylus to create their own fun animations and drawings. We really liked how this iPad app can respond while your Continue reading

Jailbreak for iPad 2 is out today

Many of you may have never heard the world of Comex and their Jailbreak iPad application. Today the long awaited Jailbreak relaunch of the iPad unlock called JailbreakMe was released.  This iPad app hack was designed to be downloaded via web-based iOS devices that are running iOS 4.3.3. If you’re not already familiar with JailbreakMe, it has risen to the top as one of the best unlocks for iOS devices. Basically you visit their website at within mobile Safari on your iPad or iPad 2. Press the green install button and JailbreakMe does all the rest. We found the process to be quick and easy and took only a few minutes to complete. The simplicity of the process has to do with that it is all done through Safari on your iPad without the need to sync to your Mac or PC to perform the hack.

However you should be aware of that the JailbreakMe hack uses security holes discovered by Comex which is how this app gains access to your iPad. This Jailbreak hack uses a PDF exploit in order to unlock iOS which could leave your iPad or any other iOS device vulnerable to security holes and possible attacks. So if you choose to jailbreak your iPad tablet it is highly recommended that you download a patch from the Cydia store called the, “PDF Patcher 2″. According to the experts over at iPhone Dev-Team this patch should eliminate any risk to your iPad device. We also tried this download and it worked seamlessly, also.

Continue reading

Bing iPad App Update with New Gesturing

Apple’s patented touch based gesturing is a standard on all of the iOS devices and touch gesturing is the most advanced on the large iPad display. Bing today updated their new iPad app on the app store and introduced a unique iPad interactive gesturing experience. Bing labels this as a new search shortcut called Lasso. Basically, Bing describes it is a whole new way to search with the touch of a finger on the iPad touch screen. The Bing iPad app uses a Lasso tool that allows you to draw freely around text on web pages, which triggers a quick search from that selection. Instead of touch selecting a block of text in order to bring up the loupe and frustratingly dragging the corners of the blue dots to the beginning and end of your selection now you can use the lasso tool to select text your text on a web page.  It is available on the app store by clicking here. Bing video demo is after the break.  Continue reading

100,000 iPad Apps Milestone

No doubt the iPad tablet is taken the globe by storm and today the number of iPad-optimized apps on the app store has reached a milestone. The iPad apps count has now put the 100,000 milestone in it’s rear view mirror. Congrats to all the iPad app developers and to Apple’s vision for what the iPad platform could become. From day one Steve Jobs boldly claimed the iPad was a revolutionary device. Now, 453 days after the original iPad was released (April 3, 2010), the App Store has more than 100,000 iPad apps exclusively for the iPad. If you remember back to that launch day there were only just a few iPad apps available on the app store. Now iPad apps are being cranked out at a rate of over 280 apps per day. I wonder if Apple will wait until there are 200,000 iPad apps before they organize a celebration event for such a milestone?

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