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PDF Reader Pro

best ipad appsWe tend to see a lot of PDF readers for the iPad tablet on a regular basis. App developers are always releasing PDF reader apps with more features since there is demand for this. One of the best of the breed is PDF Reader Pro, by developer YUYAO Mobile Software.

This iPad app allows users to create or modify PDF documents in just about every possible scenario. One huge feature that we love is the ability to create PDF’s out of scanned pages using the iPad 3’s built-in camera. (screenshots after the break) Continue reading

PDF Connoisseur® for iPad Update

best ipad appsLike so many iPad owners, I’ve found that my iPad is being used more and more for productivity at home and the office. One business tool that is a must have is a great PDF converter and PDF Connisseur for iPad has all the latest bells and whistles. This update was just released a few days ago by developer Kdan mobile.

PDF Connoisseur goes a long way in design and function to be your one stop source for working within documents and converting documents to PDF.  One must have on my iPad is the ability to convert a MS Word or MS Excel document into a PDF. This best iPad app not only does that but you can seamlessly save it to your favorite cloud storage server like iDisk, Dropbox, GoogleDocs,, and SugarSync. Continue reading

NoteLedge iPad App Updated Today

If you haven’t noticed we love note-taking apps here on our iPad-centered website. We found another great iPad app for note-taking that fits in our best iPad apps category called NoteLedge. This iPad app was just updated today by the developer Kdan Mobile Software LTD. As soon as we tapped to open NoteLedge what stood out to us was the graphically pleasing leather graphics on the interface. This productivity app for iPad is impressive and we’ll designed from graphics down to the user interface.

When you first launch this iPad app, you’ll be greeted with an overview of what NoteLedge is all about and it’s features. You’ll be surprised and the wide-ranging features to interact with this app. It is waaaay more than those plain and simple writing apps. NoteLedge is functions seamlessly as a sketch pad and you can simply swipe your finger on the screen to draw or write your content. Easily change the writing type tool (pencil, brush, crayon, etc.) or adjust the line size, opacity, and color with a tap of the sidebar menu.  Continue reading

Two Remote Desktop Apps for iPad

WIth so many iPad tablets in the marketplace more users are needing to access the files on their desktop with a remote connection from their iPad. With the latest Apple earnings we see more confirmation that the iPad is cannibalizing laptop and PC sales. We also see more business travelers opting to leave their laptops back home and instead travel with their less bulky iPad 2 tablets. But when push comes to shove most of us still need access to our PC’s and these two remote desktop apps for iPad do just that.

GoToMyPC is a remote control iPad app that is free on the iTunes App Store but you’ll need the GoToMyPC paid service to take full advantage of the iPad app. GoToMyPC works in either portrait or landscape orientation, and it seems to be designed to work best in landscape mode. Once we downloaded the app and got connected we were able to access all of the applications on my MacBook Pro seamlessly. We also liked the security setting that allows you to disable the host keyboard and mouse while your are in a remote session on your iPad 2. We also like the ease of getting connected which is important when you need your files or data from your PC quickly. (video demo below the break)  Continue reading

Bamboo Paper iPad 2 app

Bamboo Paper, a seriously fun new iPad app that allows you to design your own virtual notebooks on your iPad 2. Wacom is broadening their product line with the addition of the Bamboo Paper iPad 2 App to go along with their popular Bamboo Stylus. This is a cool app/stylus combination and we really like how these 2 flow together letting you share your idea sketches in a matching app interface. This app is great for mind mapping or brain storming your ideas in a visual way. And when you need to find a previous drawing or sketch you can rifle through the thumbnail images of your masterpieces to quickly select them. This would be great for demonstrations or group collaboration.  You can also share what you doodled on your iPad via email or just print right from this iPad 2 app for productivity. Paired with the Bamboo Stylus, it turns your iPad 2 into a really nice paperless communication tool. Bamboo paper is a new iPad app that we recommend . There are a number of other popular drawing top iPad apps out there, for example Penultimate, but the combination of both stylus and app together in Bamboo paper are great.  You can download it for free on the iTunes app store by clicking here. Video demo is below the fold. Continue reading

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