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iPad 3 App Photo World Just Released

We’ve been playing around with a new iPad 3 app just released a few days ago called Photo World. The developer of this iPad app is FoxWare Can Tho and it is a clever concept for you photo lovers.
What Photo World iPad app is about is to let you search all the public photo archive that have been cataloged by geotagging. This allows you to look at photo’s in a specific geographic area. For example if you wanted to see all the photos from wineries in New York state you could easily pull them up in this app. This app is easy to navigate and with a simple design that take advantage of all the on board location iPad tools for app development.First you’ll select a location of the world to fetch photo descriptions. You’ll next be able to preview an array of thumbnail images on your iPad tablet. Next you can choose to watch slide shows or  bookmark favorite searched locations. Continue reading

Review: Color Range iPad App

I’m surprised at the volume of photos that I’ve accumulated on my iPad 2 in a short period of time. I play around with different Photo editors all the time tweaking and adjusting my photos. I really enjoy the different effects and filters that are available. I’ve just found a really cool iPad app for image editing, called Color Range 2.0.

I think photo editing on the iPad should be fun and simple to use. If you need to do high-end Photoshop work then save that for your Macbook Pro. The effects that Color Range allows you to create on the touch interface of the iPad are stunning. Color Range is fun and simple to use and achieves much improved images edits over manual brushing. If you are like me you will feel like you just unleashed your inner artist as you enjoy the Color Range app for iPad. (screenshots of app below the break) Continue reading

Review: TouchUp iPad 2 App

With Apple adding both front and rear cameras to the iPad 2 we are all adding more photos into our iPad 2 photo library. TouchUp is an iPad app designed by Roguesheep that is a cool iPad apps photo editor. We found this photo editing app easy to learn and was very fun to use. Basically your using the touch of your finger to tweak and make adjustments to your photos. This photo image editor app comes with dozens of fun photo effects that you’ll get lost in. Touchup iPad app has an endless number of photo layers that expand your editing possibilities.
We really like how with just a touch of your finger your could add an effect or erase it away easily without any worry of losing your original image.
The first step will be to import the image you will work with from your photo gallery (or even from Flickr). We do wish they would add Dropbox integration because not everyone stores all their photos on their iPad 2. Next you can start playing around with the effects menu from the drop down menu. You’ll be able to select brightness, temperature, sepia, contrast, blur, saturation and tint to begin your photo edits. If you make a mistake it’s not a problem as you can use the built in Undo button in Touchup. (demo video below the break) Continue reading