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Fring beats Skype to Market with Video Chat for iPad 2

Skype for iPad 2 will be released very soon but Fring already has lept ahead of Skype and released it’s own video conference feature. Fring allows up to four people to simultaneously video chat, right in the iPad 2 window. When the iPad 2 was announced, we weren’t surprised about the inclusion of front and rear-facing cameras for video recording and video chatting. FaceTime has been such a big hit for Apple so now, Fring has introduced the ability to conduct group video calling for it’s most current iPad app update.
Fring, which supports multiple chat clients and video calling, is the first to enable this feature for the iPad tablet and we are looking forward to seeing how smooth the video chat experience actually will be. This top iPad app will make full use of multi-touch gestures on the iPad 2 and supports free voice calls to MSN, Yahoo!, and Google Talk. Continue reading

iPad 3 for 2011 holiday season?

The rumors are buzzing about the possible early release of iPad 3 just in time for Christmas. The source of these rumor ripples seems to be from the  within the iOS 5 Beta that was released to developers at the WWDC 11 event. In the iOS beta there are some hints that suggests Apple’s planning an iPad 3 with a Retina Display. Now before we get overly excited and take this as confirmation that the iPad 3 will pack a 2048 x 1536 display, let’s remember that we’ve heard some of these chants before.

The website Techunwrapped posted on their blog that the inside of the iOS 5 SDK that the new Twitter framework comes in both 1024 x 768 resolutions and 2048 x 1536 resolutions.

When it comes to speculating the design improvements for the iPad 3 we wish and hope for higher resolution display on the iPad 3 and it seems like a smart play for Apple to keep ahead of every next step of competitors. I think we can safely and correctly guess that it’s not a matter of if Apple will release an iPad 3 with Retina display but a matter of when and we hope it comes during the holiday season of 2011.

25 Million iPads Sold

WWDC 2011 is still going strong and Apple news keeps rolling in. Apple announced that it has sold a total of 25 million iPads to date and 200 million iOS devices. Are we all getting numb to these staggering sales figures quarter after quarter from Apple? The iTunes store has sold 15 billion songs and 90,000 iPad apps. Almost every PC, phone, and consumer electronics device maker has either released or announced a tablet in the last year. But Apple has clearly emerged  as the butt kicker in the tablet market. The iPad was first launched only 14 months ago, and the iPad 2 just a few months ago and in that short time Apple has taken over the global tablet market with no clear competitor emerging. If you haven’t sold your RIMM stock then do that first and then sell your Playbook and buy yourself an iPad 2 and feel better.