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10 iPad apps in one Bjork album

Bjork has  a clever idea that will make iPad owners take note. Bjork, the Iceland native and dance-pop artist, is set to release her new album Biophilia as a multimedia project, comprised of a separate iPad apps for each song. We love this marketing idea and think it could be a great success for creating buzz and more sales. An innovative iPad 2 app album is the best category name for it.

Biophilia will be Björk’s seventh album to date, with the title itself meaning “love of life or living systems” and a whole host of music and video production talent lined up to help out on this iPad music app project. The album (Biophilia) will be comprised of 10 separate apps under the umbrella of one Album app with each interior app will allow the user to explore all the album tracks in a multitude of ways, or remix them in various playback modes. The iPad music app is set to be premiered as a multimedia live immersive experienc at this year’s Manchester International Festival (MIF), were she has a three-week residency throughout July. Bjork commissioned interactive artist Scott Snibbe to help create her new app.  Snibbe gives the example of one song, called Virus, which he describes as “a kind of a love story between a virus and a cell. And of course the virus loves the cell so much that it destroys it.”  We can’t wait to see the release of this cutting edge approach from the music industry using the iPad interface. It all sounds kinda whacky but sign us up for a review and a sneak peak please when Bjork unveils this experience  at the Manchester International Festival next month.

For Music Lovers with an iPad

There is an amazing iPad app out there for music lovers. Moo Cow Music’s iPad 2 app is called Pianist Pro, and it has children and adults using their touchpad fingers to play piano melodies with their iPad.

With the variety of piano apps on the market, Moo Cow Music stands out from the crowd. Their multi-touch piano app actually features a full 88 key piano keyboard. As a pianist, I can tell you that there is nothing more frustrating than playing a keyboard with limited keys. Music lovers are forced to only play a segment of a song or transpose it completely because of the limits placed upon them by the creators of the keyboard. Fortunately, users will not have to worry about that with Pianist Pro!

Another irritation with common keyboards is the sound. If your ear is acutely tuned to how a note is supposed to sound, then the annoying bings of a computer generated keyboard is enough to drive one mad. The sound on Pianist Pro, however, is ‘sampled from a real piano for maximum authenticity!’
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