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Review: Persuasion Game App

It is wonderful to see classic board games be redesigned into apps for iPad by iOS developers. We’ve discovered another one of these gems that was just released on the app store called Persuasion Game. The Persuasion Game is a universal app that is fun to play and that we found captivating from moment we tapped to open it on my iPad 2.
We don’t review a lot of game apps for iPad but found this one to be unlike anything we’ve seen in this app store category. The premise of the game is fun especially since it involves self-discovery, which if we’ll be honest, is a favorite human pursuit. The Persuasion Game app is simple to learn and even comes with a “how to play” tab on the opening screen of this universal app. (screenshots below the break)

Persuasion Game is played on a colorful Continue reading

EA Cuts iPad App Prices This Weekend Only

Electronic Arts (EA Mobile) has cut the prices for it’s top iPad apps games with up to  80% savings as part of its back-to-school promotion. EA’s iPad apps are priced between $0.99 and $2.99, for titles like:

Monopoly,Battleship, The Game of Life, NBA Jam, Flight Control, Risk, Max and the Magic Marker, Yahtzee Adventures, Sim City Deluxe, Pictureka, Tetris, Transformers Dark of the Moon, Monopoly: Here and Now, Reckless Racing, Scrabble and Snood. Continue reading

Three of the Best iPad Apps for Poker Play

When the iPad launched in 2010 the online gaming world was drooling over not only a new platform but a mobile device that would allow poker players to play virtually anywhere. Now millions have jumped on board to enjoy Poker apps for iPad. Apple policy does not allow for an official online poker client that deals in real currency. Still we found three Poker iPad apps that are worth taking a look at.

Zynga Poker

Originally developed for Facebook, Zynga poker is one of the first online poker sites. Now you don’t have to stay glued to your desktop to play it since it is now an apps for ipad. From the makers of the smash hit Farmville, Zynga poker is full of different poker games, modes & challenges. Players have two kinds of Poker play they can enjoy. One is to play in a tournament at a five or nine person table, the other is to just play at poker tables with different blind amounts. This iPad app is a great place for beginning poker players to learn and they boast 6 million daily users so you can always a Texas Hold’em table for you. You can chat and even gift poker chips with others at your poker table.  If you really like to play Texas Hold ‘Em you’ll probably not find a better poker apps for iPad than Zygna Poker.Get Zynga Poker for iPad app for free on the iTunes App Store.  Continue reading

Soon a top iPad app for learning guitar

A Finish app development startup has launched an interesting iPad 2 app that is a game and learning tool for guitar. This iPad tablet app, called WildChords lets you learn guitar while interacting in a game-like atmosphere. This iPad 2 app recognizes the chords you play on your guitar and in essence your guitar becomes your game controller with this innovative iPad audio technology. The gist of the game is that you are surrounded by all types of exotic animals that have escaped from the local zoo. Your goal in this iPad game is to return the animals to the zoo by hypnotizing each animal with the strum of different chords on your guitar. Each of the animals will respond to a real-life chord, for example, ducks will follow you if you play in the chord “D”, elephants will be attracted to the “E” chord. You get the idea. When you correctly play the chords you become the hero and save the village from the wild escaped zoo animals. The animation and graphics alone will likely make this iPad tablet app an international hit for the beginning guitarists. This may be one of the best iPad 2 apps for learning basic guitar to arrive this year. We found a nice demo of the Wildchords app on Youtube (below) from Intomobile that shows how cool this app will be. As of yet it is not on the U.S. app store so we’ll update this post as soon as it hits the store along with pricing news.

iPad 2 Polar Puzzles

As we reviewed this iPad app game that was released on the app store in June one strength stood out to us. The color animated graphics are really good! We even tested this out on our 2 year old daughter and it was too difficult for her but she was engaged by all the colorful images. We found this game experience to be fun and I got a little obsessive with it as it should be with any iPad app game. If you like challenging and fun puzzle games then you should give this one a try. The Penguin characters are a nice touch and we found that it did was challenging to navigate all the mazes and pesky obstacles. This iPad app game is also integrated into the Game Center so you can play with friends around the globe. There a lots of wacky achievements to earn and brag about to friends in the Game Center! There are 75 levels to explore so you’ll not run out of puzzles any time soon. The lite version is free on the iTunes app store by clicking here.