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Baby-Chef iPad App for Toddlers

This is our third installment in a series of app reviews from the developers at Today we’re looking at another educational iPad app game is called Baby-Chef. As with this developers other children’s apps this iPad game is useful in helping your child developmentally. Baby-Chef app helps develop fine motor skills and visual perception skills as they use touch interactions to create different meals from the main menu.The Baby-Chef app is developed with young children 2 plus year old. My young four year-old enjoyed selecting her own ingredients and creating different meals all own her easily just with tapping and dragging on her iPad 2 device. (screenshots below after the break)  Continue reading

Pollinator HD for iPad

The eye catching iTunes store icon of Pollinator HD is what grabbed my attention while perusing the educational games iPad apps. I downloaded this graphically pleasing app and promptly and checked it out on my iPad 2 tablet The start page was lovely, exciting and and eye-catching.

The illustrations are really well done and the game play for children is inviting and easy to navigate in this touch-based iPad app. My 5 year old son plays a lot on my iPad so it is interesting to see what apps he is drawn towards. The Pollinator HD was a natural fit for him developmentally as he intuitively understood the flow of play. It’s pretty simple for your child to get started in this app as your finger draws the desired path for Buzz the Bee to be directed toward the flowers. You can then direct them back to their hive with the same touch guide. My son also really enjoyed squashing the dragonflies just but touching them with your finger. Continue reading

Memo-Game iPad App Game for Kids

The iPad tablet is such a wonderful interactive device for education. Children naturally respond intuitively to the tap and touch functionality. We found a fun and educational app that was released on December 3rd called Memo-Game by

This fun iPad game app has been recreated from a classic memory game that we think your children aged 3.5 and older will really enjoy. This visual memory iPad app has a voice recorder built-in as part of the design. This clever app enables parents and children to add audible labels to the visual images that appear in the iPad tablet display of this iPad 2 app. My 5 year son enjoyed recording his own voice as much as he did playing the game.

This educational game app offers 9 different boards to choose from. All of these choices have beautiful graphics that really stand out on my iPad 2 display. The artwork is also very well done and inviting for children. (screenshots after the break) Continue reading

Ginormous iPad App Released

If you are like me we’re all looking for more ways to have a laugh during the holidays. I was recently at a friends 40th birthday party and he got a prank call from a hired professional who does Christopher Walken impressions. We all laughed so hard it was painful. It changed the party atmosphere from average to epic. We found an app that was just released exclusively for the iPad that we think is a hoot. It’s called GinormaPhone and we think you’ll get some laughs with this app at the company Christmas party.  Continue reading

The Oregon Trail Classic Game hits iPad

best ipad 2 appsIt is surprising that a 40 year old classic game called The Oregon Trail has made it’s way onto the iPad tablet. This old style game has been played by millions all over the world and now you can enjoy it on a multi-touch device.  This classic educational iPad app travel game follows a family heading west,from Missouri to Oregon, during the gold rush in 1800’s.

The official Oregon Trail iPad app is being offered free for a limited time by developer Gameloft as a promotion for the release of its sequel, The Oregon Trail: American Settler.

We only have one complaint about this iPad app classic game.  Continue reading