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Review: The Pete and Sneakers Bath and Bedtime Show

We found a delightful and fun iPad app for children called Pete and Sneakers Bath and Bedtime Show. The developer and author of this interactive book app for children is Erin Davis. Erin is clearly a mother who understands what children need and enjoy with this well thought-out iPad app. I think you and your young children will love these two interesting penguins who are not short on personality. The graphics are eye-popping and the split-screen layout is great for  two children to interact with.

If you think about it, in a child’s life bedtime and bath time are big events for the day. The author has brilliantly brought an important message to life with the Pete and Sneakers characters. These cute penguins encourage children to understand their own individuality and uniqueness and how similar tasks can be performed in different ways. For example, Pete prefers to approach basic bath and bedtime tasks more conservatively, while Sneakers’ routine is free-spirited and often just wacky. Pete and Sneakers embrace their differences while still having fun together which is such a positive lesson.  Continue reading

Invisibility iPad 2 App

Everyone enjoys the mystery of magicians and how entertaining the world of illusion can be. Levity Novelty has developed a spell binding iPad 2 app called Invisibility. It is not magic but you will want to play with this and entertain your friends with this riveting technology for your iPad 2. This iPad 2 app creates the illusion that the iPad 2 screen is transparent glass as if you can see straight through the iPad tablet.
This app uses the built in technologies of the iPad 2 by using a combination of the iPad 2 cameras, 3D gyroscope and accelerometers to create this mystery of illusion. Basically this iPad 2 app tracks the movement of your iPad and updates the display accordingly in order to keep the background image aligned as if the display were transparent. Plus, you can load up your own image and turn it into an endless Kaleidoscope-like browsable surface. The app also responds to perspective tilt and throws realistic shadows for some added bedazzlement. As you will see in the YouTube video (after the break) this iPad 2 app attempts to make the display of your iPad tablet “invisible” by calling up some clever back-camera wizardry with the design of this app. You will definitely want to take your iPad 2 along to the next party and corporate event you attend to have some fun and play with the minds of anyone a little intoxicated. ThisiPad 2 app is available on the app store for .99 cents. Continue reading

Showyou iPad 2 app

We are loving this new iPad app called ShowYou which is the same company behind video startup This great new iPad app focuses on the social component of online video. We are voting this to the best iPad 2 apps category. You can download this iPad app in the iTunes store here.

This American Life iPad app

If you are fan of the iTunes Podcast This American Life then you’ll love this news. They have just released their popular show as an iPad 2 app. It does come with a bit of price tag at $4.99 but we like it just the same. Just think of it as making a donation to public radio. The features they put on this iPad 2 app really compliment the new iPad 2. You take advantage of this iPad app for streaming all of the archived episodes (currently 430+archive on demand) and listen to the live show feed.  We rate this app in the best ipad apps category. We really think you like the single button play option for each individual story within an single episode. You will not have to more fast-forward through audio to get to the specific section you were looking for. Also pretty exciting how they’ve included a lot of audio and video extras. This is a spell binding radio show that has a heart beat you’ll want to stay up-to-date with This iPad 2 app will help you do just that. Get this iPad app from the iTunes store by clicking here.

iPad App FX Photo Studio

This is a pretty cool Photo editing iPad 2 app. This iPad app claims to have the largest Collection of high quality photo effects and filters on the Apple App Store. By pressing one button you can turn your shot into a photo from 70’s, a picture drawn by a pencil, oil paint, or done in a Modern Art style. You can also add a pretty frame of flowers, or butterflies… The choice is practically unlimited! You can do even more editing your images by applying multiple effects. Besides, you can make use of such instruments as Crop (with cropping area rotation), Brightness adjustments, Flip and other options. The FX Photo Studio iPad app has all the features to turn your iPad 2 into photo lab. Once you have finished creating, you can save your masterpieces to photo albums, or share with friends and the whole world via E-mail, Facebook, Twittpic or Flickr.