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PDF Connoisseur® for iPad Update

best ipad appsLike so many iPad owners, I’ve found that my iPad is being used more and more for productivity at home and the office. One business tool that is a must have is a great PDF converter and PDF Connisseur for iPad has all the latest bells and whistles. This update was just released a few days ago by developer Kdan mobile.

PDF Connoisseur goes a long way in design and function to be your one stop source for working within documents and converting documents to PDF.  One must have on my iPad is the ability to convert a MS Word or MS Excel document into a PDF. This best iPad app not only does that but you can seamlessly save it to your favorite cloud storage server like iDisk, Dropbox, GoogleDocs,, and SugarSync. Continue reading

Corporate Trainers Get Help From This iPad App

One industry that is undergoing a paradigm shift is the Corporate Training industry. If you’ve ever sat through a Powerpoint driven training presentation then you understand the phrase “death by powerpoint”. Corporate trainers need help making better presentations and better planning tools is a good place to start. Enter DesignJot a unique iPad app that serves as a new tool for corporate trainers and for those that design instructional curriculum.

The DesignJot app for iPad incorporates design and analysis into this high performance instructional design app. Analysis tools that link up to instructional strategies within an iPad app displays how the iPad has quickly come of age in the business app space.  DesignJot iPad app offers an array of helps that include design tool, flow chart builders, training objective builders, sketch pad, and a content readiness form. Professional who write corporate training instruction will find so many great tools that will optimize the process of  developing and designing a customized training solution for your clients.  Continue reading

Review: New iPad App-Stocktouch

Stocktouch is a new iPad app for checking equity stocks and stock market performance like you’ve never seen before. This innovate iPad app has raised the bar for the next wave of business information apps for iPad. Stocktouch for iPad is very clever and unique in how you connect with your daily stock data.

We found this iPad app to be a one-of-a-kind way of looking at financial markets on an iPad app. You can easily view the real time US stock market (loads every 5 minutes throughout the trading day, 9:30AM to 4PM EST) and quickly pivot with a touch to toward new market discoveries, trends and market moving insights that load quickly. In this interesting new iPad app you start at the top level that offers an overview of 9 essential market sectors. Each Market sector is organized by the market cap of the 100 largest companies . Stocktouch arranges these companies in a spiral pattern from the center of the sector, radiating outward for a visually immersive experience. The periphery view displays all the remaining smaller companies. We found that navigating through all the companies and data could be done with ease as you touch the iPad tablet screen to zoom in to check stock prices and market volume. Being able to perform light research of company and sector fundamentals which such a stunning visual interface will change how you view market data. This iPad app also offer recent news articles related to the market sector or company you are drilling down into. The developers have designed an elegant touch interface in category that is not typically very stylish.
Clearly on of the best iPad apps for looking at financial markets in a new and powerful way. This iPad app is available on the app store for $4.99.  Video demo after the break. Continue reading

New iPad app Quickoffice Connect

This new iPad app claims the functionality of MS Office which is a bold undertaking. The new Quickoffice Connect mobile suite for iPad was just released a few days ago and it comes pretty close. We did like some of the features. With the ability to create and edit Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents, this app will appeal to the hardcore MS office users. However, this app isn’t the first office suite for the iPad tablet.

The Quickoffice iPad app allows you to upload and download files from a variety of services such as: Dropbox, Google Docs,, MobileMe, and SugarSync cloud. The layout of the document was easy to discern and visually appealing. The left column shows all of your local and cloud storage spots. The middle columns shows all the files and folders. The right column shows any documents inside a folder that is selected. From this screen is where you can create and edit documents, email them, or change your preferences. Continue reading