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iPad App-Solar System

Attention all physicians, scientists, students, and curious minds. We’ve reviewed this iPad app and the best word to describe this would be along the lines of all-knowing. If you have a question about anything regarding the universe, this iPad app has the answers.
A cool electronic book about the Solar System, offering hours of interactive exploration and presenting a treasure trove of beautiful visuals for the iPad and iPad 2.

Best-selling author Marcus Chown leads us on a grand tour through the incredible diversity of planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and spacecraft that surround the Sun in our cosmic backyard. Illuminating his insightful and surprising text are a wealth of beautiful 3D objects, movies, images, animations, and diagrams, all fully interactive, richly detailed and accurately based on real scientific data. Set the heavens in motion in an interactive orrery that allows you to control the orbits of the moons and planets, observing them from any viewpoint with breath-taking surface detail. View the latest imagery returned by both astronauts and robot spacecraft, beautifully presented on the iPad2 screen. A perfect gift for anyone with an iPad, Solar System allows the imagination to roam free from Mercury to Pluto and beyond. Schools might as well throw away the books because students have a new tool of ultimate educational use. This iPad app will answer all your questions about the infinite wonders of the Solar System.