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Spoon and The Moon on iBookstore

Top ibooks for iPad The Spoon and the Moon is now on the iBookstore. We wrote about this wonderful iPad book by The Wickedly Sisters’ about a year ago. The Wickedly sisters are a writing duo with over 20 years working as journalists, cartoonists, and illustrators.

The Spoon and the Moon is a multimedia iBook app for iPad with captivating animations, a high quality soundtrack written and performed by musicians from Europe and North America.  Spoon and the Moon is a whimsically risqué fairytale that is an award-winning work.  Wickedly Sisters have created an imaginative story that is fun and clever from start to finish.(screenshot and video after the break) Continue reading

Spoon and Moon App

The Wickedly Sisters’ are a writing duo with over 20 years working as journalists, cartoonists, and illustrators. There app book entitled Spoon and the Moon is not quite approved for the iTunes app store as there still waiting approval. We can’t wait to see this wonderfully illustrated innovative app on the new iPad 3 with his retina display. The Spoon and the Moon is a multimedia iNovel app with clever animations, a hot soundtrack written and performed by musicians from Europe and North America, and with cool multi-touch features that currently are only available on Kindle and Android devices. Below the break see the description by the developer for this upcoming iPad 3 app. Continue reading

A New Kind of iPad App

We all remember memorable storybook characters from our childhood. Perhaps that is what makes this new iPad App so special. Not only is this unique application a gallery of friendly new storybook characters, but iPad users can actually purchase prints of the original illustrations directly from this iPad app! Mimosa Creations is an indie company that specializes in children’s books and illustrations. It has always been difficult for independent children’s artists, boutiques, and designers to reach out to the kids and parents who appreciate unique merchandise. Thanks to Siglat Mobile Apps, direct product purchasing of original children’s illustrations through PayPal is possible.

There is a character for everyone in this app for children. From a sassy octopus to a fun-loving bear, iPad owners will have a favorite character in no time. The first in a series of future storybook apps, Mimosa iPad App is in a class of its own. Families will enjoy adorning their surroundings with the bright and cheerful imagery of unique children’s book characters. For more information visit You can download the Free Mimosa app from the App Store here.

An iPad App for New Readers

What is a family vacation without plenty of books to read? I remember having stacks of fun reading material to amuse myself on road trips. Fortunately, technology has made it easier for families to bring along the best travel storybooks for new readers. Kids have two new friends to take with them on the family vacation this year, and their names are Josh and Emma. Josh & Emma Go to the Beach is the first in the series of Josh & Emma educational iPad apps for kids.

On their educational trip to the beach, Josh and Emma find objects that they can add to their red bucket. This is an iPad app interactive story that is for kids ages 2-6. The young reader is asked to help Josh and Emma find starfish, clams, seashells, flowers, and even a feather.

The brother and sister team love to go on adventures with their mom and dad and discover the world around them. Each iPad app is designed to help children learn their numbers, colors and the proper names of objects. For more information, visit their website here.

Our Choice iPad app from Al Gore

Al Gore, our former vice president, released his new book on the iPad today. This ipad book app looks really good and features text, images, interactive graphics, audio commentary and of course, documentary video. This iPad app is an immersive experience that will leave you disturbed and captivated by the climate change issues facing our times. We think this belongs in the best iPad apps category although it is in the books category on the App Store. Click here to get Al Gore’s Our Choice iPad 2 app on the app store.