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A look at GelaSkins for iPad 2

If you have had other iOS devices then this iPad accessory maker is not new to you. GelaSkins creates protective iPad 2 covers and skins are one of the best in the iPad accessories industry. GelaSkins designs very stylish vinyl decals which can pimp out your iPad 2 more than the typical clear protectors. We really like this iPad 2 accessory because they are easy to apply to your iPad.  Gelaskins are a dry application so you can remove them countless times without any residue left on your iPad 2. GelaSkins for the iPad 2 are high quality, beautiful, with a plethora of designs by artists.  It is really great to be able to design your own custom iPad 2 cover so that it reflects you. The Gelaskins website has a tool that allows you to upload your own photograph or artwork. Then you crop and adjust it to your liking bam you are ready for Gelaskins to produce your one-of-a-kind iPad skin. ZAGG also offers some great iPad 2 accessories that protect your device including ZAGGskins but Gelaskins has probably the best selection of stylish designs to choose from. GelaSkins is based and manufactured in Ontario, Canada so you will need to allow an extra few days for standard delivery.  Continue reading

Best iPad 2 Cases of Luxury

Are you still doubting that the iPad 2 is one of the hottest product launches ever? More proof can be seen in the iPad 2 accessory market which is a multibillion dollar industry. There seems to be demand even for luxurious iPad 2 cases for the rich and famous. The French brand Cartier jumped into the luxury pool with their $420 iPad 2 case a few months back. We found a few high-end iPad 2 cases that are even pricier than the Cartier Les Must collection.  The popularity of the iPad 2 across all demographics has opened the door for the most expensive case designs that we know of. In fact, one of these iPad 2 cases in our review actually cost more than the Apple’s most expensive iPad 2 tablet ($829 3G/64GB).

The Padova: Orbino is the manufacturer of this fine leather iPad 2 case. This Padova ipad 2 case integrates with Apple’s Smart Cover Technology. The Padova is a a full cover design that is super-slim and matches the sleek elegance of the iPad 2 and its thinner redesign. These Orbino iPad 2 cases are handmade to be high-performance that protect the iPad 2 both on the front and back of the iPad tablet. Orbina proudly statest that each Padova iPad 2 case is 100% built by hand by a single artisan in their own facilities in Italy. Orbino’s Padova entry level iPad 2 case is available in four premium colors: Brown, Black,Deep Red, and Pecan and is priced at $209 (not pictured). The limited edtion Padova iPad 2 case offers higher end leather skins like Crocodile and Ostrich which are pictured left. The price of the Padova limited edition iPad 2 case is $689 for Crocodile and Ostrich for $569. (Astounding iPad case $ after the break)  Continue reading

iPad App and Accessory Parents Will Love

For all you parents driving a minivan full of kids on vacation I’ve found a great solution for highway boredom for the kids. Of course, you can play movies all the way to the beach but you may prefer this iPad accessory which is educational and entertaining. Crayola and Griffin Technology have teamed up to solve this problem together with this iPad app plus iPad accessory. It’s called the Crayola ColorStudio HD iPad app which turns your iPad tablet into digital drawing canvas. (Video demo below the break) 
The Crayola brand has been a family favorite for years along with the technology over at Griffin make this a nice combo. Combining this iPad app along with a special marker pen stylus called the iMarker introduces a new iPad art experience for all your children. Your children will be engaged in coloring in images with the iMarker stylus to create their own fun animations and drawings. We really liked how this iPad app can respond while your Continue reading

Scribbly iPad accessory taking pre-orders

Ok. Everybody already know’s how amazing and revolutionary the iPad tablet and it’s ecosystem are. The tactile gestures of tapping, swiping and pinching the touch interface have changed computing forever. However, sometimes I want to interface with the iPad using a stylus. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining but my fingers are not always fit to accomplish some of these daily tasks on my iPad tablet screen. I thought sooner or later Apple would come out with some sort of a awesome stylus for the iPad 2 but Scribbly has beat them to it. The new marker themed stylus from Scribbly looks almost just like a white board marker, but when it meets the touch screen glass of the iPad, it acts as if they shood have been sold together like the Smart Cover. Just when you thought things on the iPad couldn’t be more immersive, they do. (video demo after break) Continue reading

Review: iPad 2 Case by XGear

We all love the sleek design of both the iPad 2 and the Smart Cover. What Apple seems to imply with their Smart Cover is that the back of the iPad 2 device can go unprotected. Not all of us are comfortable with that because we dropped our iPad 1st generation and saw the damage. A friend of mine dropped his iPad and bent it pretty good while it was covered in a full case. So if you are like me you might wish that the innovative Smart Cover offered more rear protection in an iPad 2 case. XGear is a case maker and has a come up with a new iPad 2 case design that works along with the Apple Smart Cover. It is called XGear Smart Cover enhancer and the name gives it away in that it compliments the Smart Cover. Basically, XGear took the Apple design concept a little further so as to offer more protection on the back of the device. They kept in step with Apple be creating a thin and low profile design for this iPad 2 case. We like this idea and it is quick and easy to install with your iPad 2 without giving up any of the features that the Apple Smart cover offers. The XGear ipad 2 case comes in black and clear colors and the best price we could find was on Amazon for $16.60.  (See video demo below the fold) Continue reading