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Apple Puts iPads OnSale.

Apple has lowered the prices of its refurbished iPad tablets to the lowest prices ever. The 1st generationiPad 16GB Wifi is now down to only $279(while they last). Next the iPad 2 has been dropped down to starting a base price of just $319, a price drop of $30 over previous $349 discount. Higher capacity iPads are dropped as low as $50 over prices set when Apple debuted the new iPad in March. Continue reading

The New iPad Available in 25 More Countries

The new iPad became available in 25 countries on Friday. The new iPad was first available in nine countries at it’s initial launch week, including the United States, and sales reached 3 million in just 3 days. The countries in which the device became available on Friday include many of the most tech savvy wealthy European countries, like Sweden, and some dense population areas like Mexico City.  Continue reading

PaperDesk 4 Ready for iPad 3

We found a recently updated iPad 3 app that is ideal for note taking at home, class or the office. This app is from the Developer WebSpinner and is called PaperDesk. PaperDesk has a clean user interface that you’ll intuitively know how to navigate the first time you tap to open this app on the new iPad. We found it to be an easy-to-use notebook replacement type app that we think you’ll integrate into your daily work flow. We like this as one of the best iPad apps for note taking. The design concept behind the PaperDesk app for iPad is to emulate the interaction you’d find with basic pad of paper. Like Apple, it’s good design when has just the right amount of design needed and no more. And that’s what PaperDesk does a nice job with as well as having plenty of features that you’ll need for a stellar note taking app.

When you first open up the PaperDesk iPad app for the first time, you will actually be presented with an empty wooden desk. That is where you’ll store all of your notebooks. (Screenshots and video demo after break) Continue reading

3 Million iPad 3 Tablets Sold in 3 Days

Apple is feeling very good today as their stock price soared over $600 per shared and they announced that they have sold three million of the new iPad 3 devices. The new iPad 3 went on sale on Friday, March 16. People pre-ordered at record levels and waited in lines to grab the 3rd generation release. This new iPad 3 comes with the new Retina Display, A5X chip, a new iSight camera, and 4G LTE capabilities on certain models. Three million iPad 3’s sold marks a big milestone for Apple especially since the iPad 3 only went on sale three days ago. And remember that it took a full month for Apple to hit the one million mark for the first-generation iPad.  Continue reading

Retina Display iPad 3 Apps Featured

Today with the launch of the new iPad 3 we expect a widespread search for iPad 3 apps that have updated for the new iPad’s 2048-by-1536-pixel resolution Retina display. Apple posted a new section on iTunes that lists Retina display ready iPad apps. As of iPad 3 launch day there are 24 iPad apps that made the list,  which include “Twitter”, “Tweetbot,” “Skitch,” “Infinity Blade II,” and “Sky Gamblers.”  Twitter has updated their iPad 3 app for release just in time for today’s big iPad 3 sales day. You can download it here.

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