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iPad 3 App Photo World Just Released

We’ve been playing around with a new iPad 3 app just released a few days ago called Photo World. The developer of this iPad app is FoxWare Can Tho and it is a clever concept for you photo lovers.
What Photo World iPad app is about is to let you search all the public photo archive that have been cataloged by geotagging. This allows you to look at photo’s in a specific geographic area. For example if you wanted to see all the photos from wineries in New York state you could easily pull them up in this app. This app is easy to navigate and with a simple design that take advantage of all the on board location iPad tools for app development.First you’ll select a location of the world to fetch photo descriptions. You’ll next be able to preview an array of thumbnail images on your iPad tablet. Next you can choose to watch slide shows or  bookmark favorite searched locations. Continue reading

Review: Coloring Smart App for Children

We came across a cute and fun educational iPad app for kids by the developer Thematic Media GmbH. This fun iPad app is called Coloring Smart – Fun and Education for Kids. This iPad app was released a few weeks back and we think it is one of the best iPad apps for children to color and draw with.

Coloring has always been an excellent activity for learning with young children. The Coloring Smart app is great for developing your child’s skill levels in learning numbers, shape recognition and mental calculation.(video demo and screenshots after the break) Continue reading

iScope – Project Management iPad App

We came across a really nice productivity app that was updated this month on the app store. This iPad app comes to you from Maihue Ltd and is called iScope – Project Management.

This top iPad app has a stylish interface and clever graphic design that is please to the eye. When you start a new project and give it a name you have so many choices to set up your look and feel of that project. Everything from color pick to uploading your own image or icon. This is helpful when you need to find that specific project. Easily jump between multiple projects with a tap of the iPad to quickly access and track progress of all your tasks and events. Continue reading

Painting with Time: Climate Change App

A while back we reviewed another iPad app by the developer Red HIll Studios called Painting with Time. Now they bring you another great educational iPad app about climate change. This app is called Painting with Time: Climate Change. This sequel app was released last month and it’s out in time for Earth Day.

This wonderful app for iPad has designed a great and engaging user interface so that with the swipe of your finger you can explore the dramatic ways earth is changing due to rising temperatures. Prepare to enjoy the ease of use and wonderful images but also you will probably be a saddened to visually see how rapidly climate change is changing our world. Continue reading

Review: 4 Handed Chess iPad App

We found a cool and unique game app for iPad that take the old classic game of chess and modernizes it for the iPad tablet. The name of this iPad app is called 4 Handed Chess developed by Poppysoft Ltd. This game has different play modes that allow you play alone against the game or as teams. It is a fun and nicely designed game with good graphics.

The developer has integrated this iPad app with Game Center so you can play online and strategize with other team members who meet you online. This app allows you to customize and modify easily so you can enforce time limits between chess moves and number of player modes. When you first tap to open the game app the default mode is “Timed” but you can customize it how you like. Continue reading

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