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TOYS R US begins selling iPad 2

Apple’s retail expansion of the iPad 2 is now coming to Toys R Us (U.S. only). Sunday, April 17th, is the debut of the iPad 2 at Toys R Us. For years, the Toys R Us has sold various versions of Apple’s iPod lineup and accessories that connect to the standard 30-pin dock found on the iPad 2 devices.
Toys R Us began advertising availability of the iPad 2 on Sunday. The Toys R Us website offers a list of stores where the iPad 2 can be purchased and it looks like it has a good supply to offer it’s customers nationwide. The Toys R Us website mentions the Apple Smart Covers for iPad 2 which we would expect to be sold right alongside the iPad 2. Best Buy is also making a big marketing push for the debut the iPad 2 at U.S. locations. It appears that Apple’s push to capture even more market share with iPad 2 ahead of the Playbook release is going very well.

Playbook is NO iPad 2 killer

We’ve all read and heard the Playbook by Blackberry news feed from the press this week. Playbook is smart to match iPad 2 with the $499 pricing for the entry level tablet market. RIM’s corporate security features are included in this tablet release. They also keep up with the iPad 2 with a speedy dual-core processor and brand new QNX operating system. Why will this tablet launch by Blackberry ultimately fail to win mass appeal? This one is so predictable that my African Gray parrot chirped out these words this morning “300,000 apps….300,000 apps”. The iPad 2 is priced the same, has a bigger screen, is thinner and a library of 300,000 apps. C’mon who is going to buy this fledgling copycat iPad wannabe without any of the famous iPad 2 apps? Owning Playbook means NO Skype, NO GPS app, NO built-in email, NO Pandora and NO Angry birds.  It has also been noted somewhere that Playbook can not even run any of the Blackberry Smartphones 27,000 apps. This was Blackberry’s desperation attempt to catch up to Apple. They were late to market with a sad attempt to compete with the iPad 2. And in the end their demise will be plethora of iPad 2 apps.

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