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Most Expensive Car in the World Includes the iPad 2

Luxury car manufacturer, Bentley, uses savvy marketing by engineering the iPad 2 into their new Mulsanne concept car. Bentley makes the most expensive cars in the world and they are displaying this new multimedia connectivity car at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. The price tag on the Bentley Mulsanne starts at $291,295. (Screenshots below break)  Continue reading

New iPad 2 Ad from Not Apple but Verizon

Verizon Wireless has released a cool iPad 2 ad. Isn’t that Apple’s role? The iPad 2 TV advertisement demonstrates the iPad 2′s ability to connect over the Verizon 3G networks. This is smart ad that features a woman making a decision to buy an iPad 2 tablet. With the eReader market exploding this is a strategic play for Verizon and Apple ahead of any new tablet release that Amazon has up it’s sleeve. (Verizon ad below the break) Continue reading

Faulty Skype iPad 2 App Release (update:it’s available)

Last night the long awaited Skype iPad 2 App was released to the US app store but was quickly yanked by Skype within a few hours. If you remember a few months back Skype had another faux pas when they posted a YouTube video demoing their upcoming iPad 2 app which they also pulled quickly. Is this a new kind of marketing ploy where you blunder to get press? Maybe the Skype employee responsible for pushing the button on their new iPad 2 app has a neurological tic that causes PSR (Premature Skype Release). Could it be the curse of being in the process of being acquired by Microsoft? Skype’s response to their goof came by way of Twitter at about midnight EST which you can see in the screen capture above.  Continue reading

BBC iPad App Stays in Europe for Now

If you are a fan of TV broadcasts from the UK then you’ll be glad to know that the BBC has released their iPad app today for 11 European markets. The BBC iPlayer app for iPad arrives across the pond in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. However, the US, Canada and Australia are excluded from this initial BBC app for iPad with hopes of an end of year launch. There are two subscription types for the iPlayer BBC iPad app.  The paid subscription is $9.99 per month (€6.99) and allows iPad users full video streaming and the option Continue reading