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Review: Dirt Busta for iPad

best ipad appsWe recently found a cool new iPad app game that was released on the iTunes app store on April, 19th,2013. The name of this iPad game app is Dirt Busta.  We found this game to one that the whole family could enjoy. The graphics and animated drawings and well done and look really good on the iPad display screen.

The object of this fun game app is to clean each floor by destroying all bugs. But you have to quick because the clock is ticking and you only have 30 seconds. Each of the levels of play offers a different floor that needs to be “cleaned” of the bugs. Although, we did not attempt to achieve all the levels of play for this review we did find the navigation and design to be intuitive and the user interface to work well.
To win at improve your skills at each level you want to are yourself with all the different weapons available for this game. The designers have included lots of incentives for game play as you kill the bugs your receive more points, coins, achievements,  and improve your ranking.

The game is fun and easy to start out with for the beginners but as you advance the difficulty level increases as you become a better player. We really like how the designer gave the bugs different behaviors and strengths.  We think you’ll enjoy this game so go ahead and download it for Free on the iTunes app store by clicking here.

SNL Weekend Update Jabs Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire is cheaper in price than the iPad 2 at $199. Blackberry Smartphones are free compared to the iPhone 4. Which ones do your loved ones want as gifts for the holiday shopping season? SNL’s Seth Meyers jumps on the Amazon Fire vs. iPad 2 discussion on Weekend Update and pretty much clears up the matter(at the 48 sec. mark).

Amazon Fire is expected to sell well among parents who always buy the wrong thing.

This is funny stuff and spot on with the truth of the matter.

Qantas Goes World Class by Offering Every Passenger an iPad 2

Qantas Airlines is going world class by adding Apple’s iPad 2 to it’s in-flight entertainment. Qantas is testing a six week trial program, offering all of it’s passengers an iPad 2 while flying on any of it’s planes.

All passengers on the aircraft will be issued an iPad 2 that is preloaded with the Qantas custom ‘Q Streaming’ iPad 2 app. From the Q Streaming app passengers can watch movies, streaming from five Wi-Fi access points on the Boeing 767-300 planes. One issue that must be tested is what the streaming experience will be like if all the 254 passengers are streaming on the iPad 2 at the same time. Qantas will be testing the 5 Wifi hotspots to observe how well they are able to meet the demand. Qantas will begin to install iPad 2 seat back holders on all their planes once the iPad 2 test program proves successful.


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