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We search and find iPad 2 apps for your iPad 2 device. Often we get to review iPad 2 apps before the arrive on the app store.

Cool iPad 2 App-Action Movie FX

A new wildly cool iPad 2 app called Action Movie FX was just released on the iTunes app store. This special effects iPad 2 app lets you create your own movie industry special effects straight from your iPad 2 camera. Action Movie FX is so easy to use since you actually shoot your video within the Action Movie FX app. You can easily aim and record a target and then this iPad app will do the special effects rendering for you. Besides a visual effect editor, this app also adds high quality special effects sound that matches the cool visual effects you are seeing. As you can see above, the car explosion looks very real. (More cool screenshots below) Continue reading

Adobe EchoSign for iPad Just Released

Adobe has released one of my favorite productivity tools, Echosign, today for the iPad.

This new iPad app is available now, and now offers iPad users the ability to securely digitally sign your documents with a legally binding e-signature right on the iPad 2 tablet. This just took a great idea and made it even easier to send and sign digital documents.

We like how you can easily use your Echosign account within this new iPad app. Once you login to your EchoSign account you be able to search and send from the EchoSign library. Adobe wisely built-in real-time status updates so you can tracking the progress of the document. (screenshots after the break) Continue reading

Review: PDF PROvider for iPad

Whether you just got a new iPad 2 over the holidays or you’re a grizzled iPad user, everyone is always looking for a better PDF reader. We’re really enjoying Dar-Soft’s PDF PROvider for iPad app. The Dar-Soft developers are experts in PDF apps for iPad. Now they’ve designed an advanced version of their popular PDF Printer app that has even more bells and whistles. This iPad app was just updated a few months back and should be one of the first downloads for all of you who get an iPad 2 gift this holiday season. (screenshots after the break)  Continue reading

Review: Shared Paper Lite

A new Pad app was released a few days ago that really makes the iPad a dazzling business tool. This new app is called Shared Paper Lite and is wonderful for making and sharing presentations. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that the iPad interface begs to be used in presentations. Steve Jobs knew that the iPad tablet would be in the classroom and the boardroom from the early design days. There are plenty of presentation style apps already on the app store but Shared Paper Lite really caught our eye for a number of reasons. One key difference is that this iPad app is more than a slide viewer presentation tool it is an editor also.

We think this app is going to have mass appeal because there is demand for an iPad app than can do some heavy lifting when making a presentation. I have a friend who is a big ticket corporate sales rep who loves his iPad and takes it on all the sales calls. However, he never fully integrates the iPad into his presentations because everything he needs is in multiple apps and on a legal pad. I showed Shared Paper Lite to him and he immediately saw the potential of using this app for a large part of his presentation. (screenshot and video demo after break)  Continue reading

Christmas Party HD iPad app

For many people there is an association between Christmas and Apple products namely the iPad 2. It’s on the top of everyone’s gift wish list. Released just in time for Christmas is this new iPad app called Christmas Party HD. This is a festive seasonal game app that you’ll not only enjoy but that will leave you feeling a bit happier during the Christmas holiday season

Christmas Party HD app for iPad is a music game that everyone in the family can enjoy. The developer created a unique Christmas app that features time tested Christmas songs from Russia, Finland, China and the United States. This was interesting for all of us to listen to holiday songs from other countries. (screenshot after the break)  Continue reading