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We search and find iPad 2 apps for your iPad 2 device. Often we get to review iPad 2 apps before the arrive on the app store.

Baby-Chef iPad App for Toddlers

This is our third installment in a series of app reviews from the developers at Today we’re looking at another educational iPad app game is called Baby-Chef. As with this developers other children’s apps this iPad game is useful in helping your child developmentally. Baby-Chef app helps develop fine motor skills and visual perception skills as they use touch interactions to create different meals from the main menu.The Baby-Chef app is developed with young children 2 plus year old. My young four year-old enjoyed selecting her own ingredients and creating different meals all own her easily just with tapping and dragging on her iPad 2 device. (screenshots below after the break)  Continue reading

Beautiful iPad Maps-UpNext HD Maps

A company called UpNext is redefining the use of maps on the iPad 2. UpNext has partnered with Verizon Wireless on a wonderful geographical mapping project that brings 3D technology to your iPad tablet. This iPad app is called UpNext HD Maps and it covers the entire U.S. of 20 major metro areas allowing an enhanced 3D city view.

Some of the cities UpNext includes in this iPad app: Los Angeles New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, and Atlanta, to name a few. Plus, more cities are coming soon. Some other really practical features include local search, venue reviews, deal finder and they’ve integrated Foursquare as well. Get UpNext HD here its free son the app store.  Continue reading

Review: Jukka Askare Game for iPad

During the holidays one of my favorite activities is to play games and read to my 4 year-old son. Even though we spent way to much money on toys he still tends to end up wanting to play games on my iPad 2 tablet. The good news is that after downloading many of the best iPad apps for children we found a really great classic wooden toy from Finland that was just released. It is called Jukka Askare and has been played by Scandanavian children for nearly 85 years.

What gives me joy is to see my 4 year-old enjoying this wonderful unique interactive game. This app is educational also and teaches 3 to 4 year-olds shapes, sizes and geometry as they attempt to fit different shapes into matching holes. The developers have cleverly integrated real-life sounds and graphically pleasing animations in Jukka Askare for iPad. The Jukka Askare app can develop your child’s spatial recognition and eye-hand coordination in this fun iPad app game.

This iPad 2 app emulates a 3-D environment as your child develops fine motor skills moving the colorful pieces around the iPad display with their finger. This game is completely international and does not use language and my son just intuitively knew what this game was about as soon as I tapped on the app and it opened up. (screenshots below the break) Continue reading

Painting with Time App Released

It’s always nice to think of New Years day as a new beginning or a fresh start.  We think we’ve found a stunning iPad app that will give you a fresh look at your world as the clock ticks down. Painting with Time app for iPad was just released by Red Hill Studios. Red Hill Studios is an award-winning Bay Area transmedia design company that creates interactive games for health, online science games and apps, and immersive museum exhibitions. They’ve also brought to you the Exploring Time documentary series. After spending just a few minutes with the Painting with Time app you’ll realize how brilliant this design idea is. We think this app for iPad will expand your view of the world and can even open your mind to possibilities.

The Painting with Time iPad app is very unique and entertaining. In short, this app allows you to have fun brushing on the iPad tablet and playing with the flow of time in a given landscape. (video demo and screenshots after break) Continue reading

Facebook Timeline App for iPad

Facebook recently revealed the Timeline feature that allows you to tell your life story with a new kind of Facebook profile. Currently Facebook is working an iPad app version that will be ready sometime in late January. Of course, Facebook is notorious for missed deadlines when it comes to their iPad apps. The Timeline app features, looks very cool in this Facebook promotional video (after the break). The Facebook best iPad app places all of your personal images, interactions, status updates on a timeline that goes all the way back to when you first opened your Facebook account.

Timeline was supposed to be released even as early as this December. However, it appears that the Timeline release has been pushed back to a late January launch. Continue reading