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Invisibility iPad 2 App

Everyone enjoys the mystery of magicians and how entertaining the world of illusion can be. Levity Novelty has developed a spell binding iPad 2 app called Invisibility. It is not magic but you will want to play with this and entertain your friends with this riveting technology for your iPad 2. This iPad 2 app creates the illusion that the iPad 2 screen is transparent glass as if you can see straight through the iPad tablet.
This app uses the built in technologies of the iPad 2 by using a combination of the iPad 2 cameras, 3D gyroscope and accelerometers to create this mystery of illusion. Basically this iPad 2 app tracks the movement of your iPad and updates the display accordingly in order to keep the background image aligned as if the display were transparent. Plus, you can load up your own image and turn it into an endless Kaleidoscope-like browsable surface. The app also responds to perspective tilt and throws realistic shadows for some added bedazzlement. As you will see in the YouTube video (after the break) this iPad 2 app attempts to make the display of your iPad tablet “invisible” by calling up some clever back-camera wizardry with the design of this app. You will definitely want to take your iPad 2 along to the next party and corporate event you attend to have some fun and play with the minds of anyone a little intoxicated. ThisiPad 2 app is available on the app store for .99 cents. Continue reading

Review: Buncee Pro eCard and Greeting Card Creator

The touch interface with the iPad is changing how we work, play and connect with one another. My favorite iPad apps are the ones that inspire and energize me to create something. Buncee Pro is an iPad app that is all about expression and sharing. This iPad 2 app encourages you to express yourself using your personal photos, drawings and saved images by creating high quality eCards. This fun iPad 2 app has a giant library of backgrounds and clip-art ready made for you to easily lay the foundation for your eCard creations. Using all the tools included in this iPad app allows to create beautiful collages and greeting cards with photos from your image library. What I like best about this fun and creative iPad app is how easy it is to quickly produce your first eCard.

The Buncee Pro iPad app has 80 unique quality backgrounds and over 150 clip art choices for all your design needs. The first time we opened up this fun interactive iPad 2 app we enjoyed just exploring all the different backgrounds. In Buncee Pro you can also freehand draw using different pen sizes, opacity levels and there are 20 different color options. I also was impressed with how you can stylize your photos and edit them to look black and white or sepia toned. Buncee Pro for iPad takes advantage of the touch interface so that you can drag, pinch and zoom to rotate and resize your images with ease. We think you’ll really like your high resolution finished creations so much that you’ll share them with all your friends and family and even use them as your iPad wallpaper. You can also sign up for a free account at for additional tools and more personalized sharing options. Buncee Pro is available on the app store for .99 cents by clicking here. Continue reading

Roadshow is a new iPad 2 app for offline video

 Roadshow is an iPad 2 app that was just released on the app store that we thought you video watchers might find helpful.  With this iPad app you can collect web videos for offline viewing which is a great idea. Unfortunately, Apple would not allow YouTube videos to be saved in the development of this iPad 2 app because it violated the terms of service. I’m a frequent TED Talks video watcher so this works really good for HTML5 based video but not flash video. Vimeo, MSNBC are some others sites that work well using this video app for the iPad.

How to save videos.

Roadshow has a built-in web browser that you can use to land on your favorite websites. When you find a compatible video, you’ll see it show up in a horizontal scrolling icon list above the browser. To download and save the video for offline viewing on your iPad, tap the action button on a video icon and a bar shows you download progress. You can also touch with one finger on a video in the found video shelf to see its full title. Roadshow puts the captured video onto a “collection” shelf where all video clips are stored. To watch your offline saved video, you simply tap on it and then tap the play button. The video goes to full-screen mode and when your done you can delete the video using the trash can icon. Sharing videos with friends is easy. Simply tap a button to send a link to friends via Twitter or email. Fetch Softworks (my favorite Mac FTP client maker) showed some innovation in the design of this app which is something to build on. This will only get better with time and as Flash starts to be replaced with HTML5. Roadshow is a top iPad app that is intuitive, easy-to-use, and a great way to watch offline video on your iPad. It is available on the app store for free and to remove the ads for $4.99 in-app purchase.  Video instructions below. Continue reading

Review of iPad 2 browser apps

Alternative iPad browsers may not be at the top of your iPad 2 apps search list but we thought we share a couple of the best paid iPad browsers that we like and use often. You are probably perfectly happy with the default Safari browser but often you don’t know you need something until you try it. The productivity improvement of having some extra features might bring you over to try these paid iPad browsers. Doh! Like most of us we are not used to paying for our browsers, right? Before you object let me share some benefits and features with both of these ipad 2 apps.

iCab Mobile. So the question with both of these apps is will they improve your web browsing experience on the iPad enough to justify paying $2? Lets start with tabbed browsing in this iPad 2 app. Don’t you miss having real tabs that you can easily and quickly switch between like you do on your desktop or laptop? iCab mobile lets you open links in different tabs and designate them as either background or foreground tabs. And when you find an interesting link all you do is tap it, and have it load in the background while you continue to read the current page uninterrupted. This feature alone is worth the price of this app. We really like the 20 plus modules that let you do everything from adding the current page to Google Reader, Evernote, GoodReader, Instapaper and more.  We also love the feature of sending downloads direct to your Dropbox account and the quickstarter page that cache’s thumbnails of your favorite sites for quick touch access. This iCab Mobile iPad browser is here on the app store for $1.99

Duet Browser. We also really like this iPad browser app which is dual window tab browser ipad 2 app which is designed with simple and elegant user interface. It enables you to simultaneously use two web browser windows on your iPad’s large screen. When in portrait orientation mode, your iPad’s screen will be divided into top & bottom browser windows, while the windows are positioned side by side in landscape orientation mode. Every window can open up to 4 tabs to easily switch between web pages with a simple tap of that browser window pane. If you want the active browser tab to maximize to full screen just simply tap it again and likewise to return to the previous size just tap it once again. Simply rotate your iPad to swap windows around. From within this iPad 2 app, you are able to email the current page title and URL links very easily. I use this a lot to just send interesting websites and article to my mailbox for future reference. The Duet browser allows you to run dual browser (thus the name..) which can be run from Safari browser and vice versa. It supports multitasking and allows you to save images easily along with a history and resume function. This Duet Browser iPad app is here on the app store for $1.99