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Great iPad App for Food Lovers

CulinartMedia, Inc. has released an app for iPad that makes seafood lovers swoon. The iPad 2 app is called Great Maine Food. It is a coastal guide of Down East magazine’s great Maine food. Whether you’re a Maine local or you’re simply planning a trip to the State, this is an iPad app you’ll want to have.

Great Maine Food features exotic Maine dishes and provides information about the tastiest restaurants across the coastal areas of Maine. This app guide is unique in that it also has guides for culinary events, wineries and breweries, inns with dining and cooking schools, and even specialty stores. Continue reading

Review: Puzzingo iPad 2 App for Children

When my children were toddlers they always enjoyed the old wooden puzzle educational games.  It was refreshing to me and somewhat nostalgic to discover this new iPad 2 app for children called Puzzingo. This iPad 2 app will remind you of those classic wooden puzzles we grew up playing with (pictures above are for those who’ve never seen them). 7SPARX Studio is the developer of children’s educational apps and we think this app is one of the best iPad 2 apps for toddlers we’ve seen this summer. Before loading up the minivan for vacation you may want to download this app for iPad that will keep your kids entertained while on the road. But what we really like about this children’s iPad 2 app is that it is educational too.  (video demo below the break) Continue reading

Corporate Trainers Get Help From This iPad App

One industry that is undergoing a paradigm shift is the Corporate Training industry. If you’ve ever sat through a Powerpoint driven training presentation then you understand the phrase “death by powerpoint”. Corporate trainers need help making better presentations and better planning tools is a good place to start. Enter DesignJot a unique iPad app that serves as a new tool for corporate trainers and for those that design instructional curriculum.

The DesignJot app for iPad incorporates design and analysis into this high performance instructional design app. Analysis tools that link up to instructional strategies within an iPad app displays how the iPad has quickly come of age in the business app space.  DesignJot iPad app offers an array of helps that include design tool, flow chart builders, training objective builders, sketch pad, and a content readiness form. Professional who write corporate training instruction will find so many great tools that will optimize the process of  developing and designing a customized training solution for your clients.  Continue reading

Top British Chefs iPad App Collaboration

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a world class chef helping you in the kitchen? London based start up Great British Chefs launched their new iPad app yesterday. Twelve of Britain’s most celebrated chefs have banded together to offer over 180 succulent dishes on this iPad app for food lovers. In this iPad app users get to choose three customisable five-course menus from each of these fine chefs. Tom Aikens, Marcus Wareing and Nuno Mendes are 3 of the 12 chefs that have collected 15 Michelin stars between them. I had to look up what the Michelin Star designation is all about. The Michelin Stars are a 3 point scale and are a hallmark of fine dining quality. This app for iPad is overflowing with tips, videos, wine pairings, and a shopping checklist that matches up with the dishes you want to make. This Great British Chefs app is on the app store for $6.99. (video demo below the break) Continue reading

Bing iPad App Update with New Gesturing

Apple’s patented touch based gesturing is a standard on all of the iOS devices and touch gesturing is the most advanced on the large iPad display. Bing today updated their new iPad app on the app store and introduced a unique iPad interactive gesturing experience. Bing labels this as a new search shortcut called Lasso. Basically, Bing describes it is a whole new way to search with the touch of a finger on the iPad touch screen. The Bing iPad app uses a Lasso tool that allows you to draw freely around text on web pages, which triggers a quick search from that selection. Instead of touch selecting a block of text in order to bring up the loupe and frustratingly dragging the corners of the blue dots to the beginning and end of your selection now you can use the lasso tool to select text your text on a web page.  It is available on the app store by clicking here. Bing video demo is after the break.  Continue reading