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Review: iDuhKnow App for iPad 2

We found a pretty unique and cool iPad 2 apps called iDuhKnow.The developer of this 3D game for iPad 2 is the Los Angeles design company, The Illusion Factory. The iDuhKnow game app is smartly designed to take advantage of the iPad 2’s beautiful display along with the on board gyroscope and acceleromater.

When we first opened this iPad 2 apps it grabbed our attention with the nice graphics and cutting edge user interface. After you download this game apps for iPad 2 we predict that you’ll be staying up late at night trying to conquer this cranium expanding game. We found ourselves immersed in the range of fun, yet challenging game questions and puzzles you must navigate past. (screenshots after the break)  Continue reading

Air Sketch is an Essential Presentation Tool

We found a top iPad apps for presentations and as a teaching tool called Air Sketch. Imagine you have just made a sales presentation on the big screen in front of the executive committee. During the Q&A that follows you want to validate each comment and idea that is offered by your audience. You could give a nod or even jot down notes on paper but even better would be to turn your big screen into a whiteboard that you sketch on from your iPad. Air Sketch apps for iPad allows you to transform your iPad into a wireless whiteboard! (screenshots below the break)  Continue reading

This iPad App Helps You Drink Like a Pro

Open Air Publishing has released their first iPad app book called, Speakeasy Cocktails: Learn from the Modern Mixologists. What an eye-opener this iPad app has been for me about mixology. I realized why I almost always order wine when I go out to dinner. It’s not because I prefer it but rather I don’t know how to order an interesting mixed drink. I know, boring right?
I’ve never been much for mixing drinks at home either, so with this wonderful iPad app you’re getting a top notch drink recipe source. This is a how-to-app for iPad that is the future of interactive books on the iPad 2 device. This iPad app for mixing cocktails will forever change how you drink cocktails at home and when you order at a restaurant. (video demo and screenshot after the break)

The magic of this innovative book app for iPad are all the instructional tools integrated Continue reading

Ambiance iPad App is Life Enhancing

Ambiance iPad AppsIt’s the weekend and I’m feeling quite Zen-like sitting at Starbucks in Midtown Atlanta. Maybe it’s from the 4 mile run this morning or the relaxing iPad app that I fell asleep to last night. Ambiance app for iPad released a new version a few weeks ago and we’re digging it’s chill vibes.

Very quickly the Ambiance iPad app is becoming a favorite app of mine because I’m using it so much during the day and each night Continue reading

Review: Alpha Writer iPad App for Your Children

Review: Alpha Writer iPad App for Your ChildrenWe just found the updated version of Alpha Writer, by Montessorium, on the iTunes app store. This iPad app is developed with the Montessori education approach as the foundation for this wonderful children’s learning app. From the moment you tap on this iPad app you will be impressed with the beauty of the design and the high quality illustrations. The Alpha Writer team has built a thoughtful early education iPad app that understands childhood development and the power of touch in learning.

My 4 year old son really jumped into this app for iPad and immersed himself in both modes at the first sitting. As you might of guessed, the two modes are Alpha and Writer. In the Alpha mode, the child is presented with a smattering of high resolution colorful icons—a bee, a dog, a bus, a cup and about 50 more. Next Continue reading

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