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Square Register for iPad

The big announcement from Square happened on Monday in New York and it did not disappoint. Square is the company that introduced the card reader that allows point of sale on iOS devices. Now Square takes their concept to the next level with the introduction “Square Register” for iPad and iPad 2. This is really exciting and innovative integration with the iPad 2. The vision here by Square is eventually to replace the traditional cash register with iPads that are equipped with the new Square Register device and software interface. The Square ipad app will allow businesses to customize the screen interface with their full list of products and brand it for their business.

Analytics tools will allow businesses to see up-the-minute details on sales performance, broken down by any number of metrics to help businesses study sales trends. The Square Register functionality comes as an update to the iPad version of the company’s universal App Store app.
How it will really catch on is with the consumer. Square also, introduced the “Card Case” along with the Square Register. This virtual business card give customers a lot of detail about their favorite merchants. From your virtual card case you be able to access live-updated menus and product listings and see your transaction histories.

Square CEO, Jack Dorsey compares this to having a permanent tab opened with the business will allow a customer to establish a relationship with a business and pay for goods without having to carry a wallet. Your receipts are pushed to your phone for record-tracking. iPad and iPhone users can initiate a payment by activating the business’s Square Card on their phone when within range of the business and then simply giving their name at the register to have the purchase charged to their account.

You should be able to start using Square Register and Square Cards in New York City, San Francisco, Washington DC, St. Louis, and Los Angeles with selected Square merchants right away. Can’t wait to see merchants using their iPad 2 cash registers.

Targus Rotating iPad 2 Stand

Need to add an iPad stand to your collection of iPad accessories? The Targus 360° Rotating iPad 2 Stand come with a nice and different iPad stand design that offers a 360° swivel that allows the iPad 2 to quickly reorient it’s views in portrait or landscape display orientation. We’ve seen some other swiveling iPad stands but this Targus 360° is well designed and noticably thinner that most other iPad stands. The center of the swivel mechanism reveals the Apple logo is clearly visible. We like the a soft lining that protects the iPad 2 screen.  The outside of this iPad stand and case  is a very attractive black faux leather . This is available cheaper at Amazon versus the Targus site which is retail at US$59.99.


The Naked iPad 2

The iPad 2 goes on sale today at 5pm at Apple Stores in the U.S. This new strategy by Apple to take off the iPad’s clothes is surprising. How many times have you seen an iPad without a full cover or case covering up every part other than the screen? Now Apple is telling us to take the covers off and go with the naked iPad 2. Does that mean that the iPad 2 case is more scratch resistant? Nope, it means Apple has shifting their marketing and are now creating a new revenue stream. It looks like the Smart Covers are shipping and are expected for delivery ahead of the iPad 2’s that they are going to cover. What are you guys going to do with your Smart Covers until your iPad 2 arrives? You could try them attaching them to your car door. That would be a real head-turner at the traffic stops. You might try them as refrigerator magnet also. What are you thoughts about these nifty little screen protectors?

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