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Roadshow is a new iPad 2 app for offline video

 Roadshow is an iPad 2 app that was just released on the app store that we thought you video watchers might find helpful.  With this iPad app you can collect web videos for offline viewing which is a great idea. Unfortunately, Apple would not allow YouTube videos to be saved in the development of this iPad 2 app because it violated the terms of service. I’m a frequent TED Talks video watcher so this works really good for HTML5 based video but not flash video. Vimeo, MSNBC are some others sites that work well using this video app for the iPad.

How to save videos.

Roadshow has a built-in web browser that you can use to land on your favorite websites. When you find a compatible video, you’ll see it show up in a horizontal scrolling icon list above the browser. To download and save the video for offline viewing on your iPad, tap the action button on a video icon and a bar shows you download progress. You can also touch with one finger on a video in the found video shelf to see its full title. Roadshow puts the captured video onto a “collection” shelf where all video clips are stored. To watch your offline saved video, you simply tap on it and then tap the play button. The video goes to full-screen mode and when your done you can delete the video using the trash can icon. Sharing videos with friends is easy. Simply tap a button to send a link to friends via Twitter or email. Fetch Softworks (my favorite Mac FTP client maker) showed some innovation in the design of this app which is something to build on. This will only get better with time and as Flash starts to be replaced with HTML5. Roadshow is a top iPad app that is intuitive, easy-to-use, and a great way to watch offline video on your iPad. It is available on the app store for free and to remove the ads for $4.99 in-app purchase.  Video instructions below. Continue reading

A New Kind of iPad App

We all remember memorable storybook characters from our childhood. Perhaps that is what makes this new iPad App so special. Not only is this unique application a gallery of friendly new storybook characters, but iPad users can actually purchase prints of the original illustrations directly from this iPad app! Mimosa Creations is an indie company that specializes in children’s books and illustrations. It has always been difficult for independent children’s artists, boutiques, and designers to reach out to the kids and parents who appreciate unique merchandise. Thanks to Siglat Mobile Apps, direct product purchasing of original children’s illustrations through PayPal is possible.

There is a character for everyone in this app for children. From a sassy octopus to a fun-loving bear, iPad owners will have a favorite character in no time. The first in a series of future storybook apps, Mimosa iPad App is in a class of its own. Families will enjoy adorning their surroundings with the bright and cheerful imagery of unique children’s book characters. For more information visit You can download the Free Mimosa app from the App Store here.

Atari Greatest hits for iPad

Atari’s Greatest Hits for the iPad and iPad 2 hit the iTunes App store this past week. They are rocking with this retro classic and are now one of the Top Selling Free iPad apps. This was a great idea to release the greatest hits version. This classic best iPad apps. game brings the best of old-school gaming to the iPad with 100 Atari Games. For those of you who love the classic gaming experience this ipad app breakthrough will be right down memory lane. It is also an opportunity for a new generation to experience the early days of game development. This iPad app game brings beautiful memories for some of us. This should be a part of school curriculum to educate our youth of the evolution of the gaming industry and it is conveniently on the iPad for schools.

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