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BBC iPad App Stays in Europe for Now

If you are a fan of TV broadcasts from the UK then you’ll be glad to know that the BBC has released their iPad app today for 11 European markets. The BBC iPlayer app for iPad arrives across the pond in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. However, the US, Canada and Australia are excluded from this initial BBC app for iPad with hopes of an end of year launch. There are two subscription types for the iPlayer BBC iPad app.  The paid subscription is $9.99 per month (€6.99) and allows iPad users full video streaming and the option Continue reading

Ustream iPad 2 App Arrives

Ustream iPad 2 appUstream, the streaming video service has launched its first iPad 2 app today. If you’re not familiar with Ustream it is a streaming interactive video service platform that allows anyone with a video camera and Internet access to broadcast to the web. I can’t figure out why it took Ustream so long to bring their service to the iPad 2 which is a perfect match. With this Ustream iPad 2 app you’ll not only be able to watch all their top channels but also video stream your own broadcast directly from the Ustream iPad 2 app. Once you start broadcasting from your iPad 2, you can choose to do so with either the front or rear built-in camera and can even switch between your cameras during your live broadcast.

Now you can chat, record and watch live Ustream events directly from this ipad 2 app. The Ustream tribe of broadcasters just grew exponentially with the addition of an iPad 2 audience. Ustream enables live dialogue among participants, Continue reading

Spotify Invades US Today

You’ve probably heard of the wildly successful music service called Spotify. Arguably, the largest and fastest growing music service of its kind, is available today in the US on the App store here. Spotify was launched in Sweden in 2008 and is now the 2nd largest source of digital music revenue for labels in Europe. Today Spotify crosses the pond to invade the US app store, it’s 8th new territory. Spotify has more than 10 million registered users in 7 European countries.
Spotify Free is by invite only and Spotify Unlimited service (ad-free) is $4.99 per month. Spotify Premium comes in at $9.99 (all the bells and whistles).

Five iPad Apps for Back to School

For students heading back to school, the iPad has become indispensable.  It’s equally effective for after-class entertainment or as an integral part of online education.  The iPad’s unique ability to be customized so completely to the user’s needs makes it especially useful for college students.  University life isn’t only about studying and academic work and the iPad 2 makes it easy to have a range of apps for each area of your life.

BBC News app for iPad. Becoming a well-rounded student is especially important in today’s globally connected world.  The BBC free iPad app allows you to access global news with a list of top news articles about trending events.  It also allows a user to select breaking news according to geographic region as well, so regardless of where you’re from you can keep up with current events.  A favorite feature of BBC iPad app users is its live radio ability.  In addition to all the print news you want you can also listen to the BBC broadcasting live from London twenty four hours a day.


Continue reading

Bing iPad App Update with New Gesturing

Apple’s patented touch based gesturing is a standard on all of the iOS devices and touch gesturing is the most advanced on the large iPad display. Bing today updated their new iPad app on the app store and introduced a unique iPad interactive gesturing experience. Bing labels this as a new search shortcut called Lasso. Basically, Bing describes it is a whole new way to search with the touch of a finger on the iPad touch screen. The Bing iPad app uses a Lasso tool that allows you to draw freely around text on web pages, which triggers a quick search from that selection. Instead of touch selecting a block of text in order to bring up the loupe and frustratingly dragging the corners of the blue dots to the beginning and end of your selection now you can use the lasso tool to select text your text on a web page.  It is available on the app store by clicking here. Bing video demo is after the break.  Continue reading