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New Eastern Europe for iPad

Best iPad appsToday we are taking a look at an iPad app journal subscription called New Eastern Europe. This English language quarterly magazine for your iPad is a must have news source for those interested in the latest news stories from Central and Eastern Europe. The magazine provides readers with current events, political analysis, cultural and historical discussion as well as books and film reviews from and about the region.

New Eastern Europe magazine is published by the non-profit foundation College of Eastern Europe with the editorial team based out of Krakow Poland. This is a free iPad app download with paid content within. Subscriptions are also available within the application. Once you sign up for an ongoing subscription you’ll then be notified within the app when the latest issue is available to download within the app magazine. New Eastern Europe magazine for the iPad allows you to purchase the current issue, back issues and future issues can be purchased all within this iPad app. Continue reading

Build-it-up iPad App for Toddlers

In this review we’re looking at another educational iPad app from the developers at This new educational game is called Build-it-up. The Build-it-up children’s app is a great tool for developing your child’s fine motor skills and visual perception skills as they touch and tap to play this interactive game. This iPad game also is a fun way to lay a foundation for early development of primary math concepts. This app is designed specifically for toddlers age 2.5 years and older. (screenshots below after the break)  Continue reading

Memo-Game iPad App Game for Kids

The iPad tablet is such a wonderful interactive device for education. Children naturally respond intuitively to the tap and touch functionality. We found a fun and educational app that was released on December 3rd called Memo-Game by

This fun iPad game app has been recreated from a classic memory game that we think your children aged 3.5 and older will really enjoy. This visual memory iPad app has a voice recorder built-in as part of the design. This clever app enables parents and children to add audible labels to the visual images that appear in the iPad tablet display of this iPad 2 app. My 5 year son enjoyed recording his own voice as much as he did playing the game.

This educational game app offers 9 different boards to choose from. All of these choices have beautiful graphics that really stand out on my iPad 2 display. The artwork is also very well done and inviting for children. (screenshots after the break) Continue reading

Dolphin HD Browser App for iPad

Dolphin browser was just released as an app for iPad yesterday by developer MoboTap. This clever browser app for iPad was developed alongside Safari, in order to render and display content. What is distinctive about this iPad app is its tabbed browsing and gestures that integrate with the iPad tablet. Dolphin has been a popular third-party browser for Android and only launched it’s iPhone app a few days ago. The developer has lofty plans for this iPad app as it recently raised a first round of $10 million in venture capital.  Continue reading

Boxee for iPad Just Released

Boxee has just released a free iPad app that allows users to stream almost any video type from their computer to their iPad tablet. In case you haven’t heard of Boxee, it’s an innovative way to watch movies, TV shows, photos and music from the web to your TV. The Boxee device goes and finds them and puts them on your TV without a monthly fee. Now Boxee Box augments their system with this cool ipad app that helps users find content to watch online from their friends and what’s popular on the web. Unlike the Boxee box, the iPad app is not offering Movies, TV shows but instead lets you stream media from your PC or Mac to your iPad 2.

There’s 5 major tabs to choose Continue reading

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