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All Together children’s iPad app

There are so many great and entertaining games for young children on the iPhone. All Together is the name of a new iPad game app that we are reviewing here on our blog. It’s refreshing to review an iPad app for children and especially this one. All Together is wholesome, fun and entertaining. We think not only will the young children have a blast but so will the rest of the family. In this iPad game you can walk in the clouds, skip through blossoming fields, and dive deep down to swim in the mysterious ocean. It is easy to get started and kids will be able to teach you how to use the game pretty quickly. This game is perfect for children 4 years old and up. Parents will like the educational aspect of this app for children. Developmentally it stretches children to coordinate vision and touch. This app challenges the child to make a quick decision based on the different animations moving across the iPad’s touch screen. This children’s game app for iPad will leave anyone who interacts with it feeling a little bit happier. All Together has beautiful colorful illustrations that really stand out on the iPad and iPad 2 screen. The illustrator for this iPad app is the English artist Andy Ward. We really like the brilliant colors in this children’s iPad game and the music matches the game environment perfectly. You can download this from the iTunes app store by clicking here at a cost of $2.99. The developer for this iPad is De Agostini Editore who has had other successes on the app store. Continue reading

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