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Top iPad app Splashtop-remote desktop app

Both iPad and iPad 2 do not ship with flash. Samsung recently took a jab at this apparent weakness in a recent commercial for their Galaxy Tab. There are plenty of work arounds to be able to view flash on your iPad. One iPad app solution is with a remote desktop. The best iPad app remote desktop we’ve seen is Splashtop.  Most of us never have any flash issues or a need to run items from our desktop on our iPad 2. But you may change your mind with this top iPad app for mirroring your desktop on the iPad. Splashtop offers some nice iPad tricks that allow you to easily watch HULU videos or play browser based zombie games that you currently can’t do on your iPad.

With the Splashtop iPad app you can share any computer that has the Splashtop software installed  and shares the same Wi-Fi network. By linking up the two devices you can surf the exact same browser as you would on the PC and this provides the perfect workout for browsing to sites such as Hulu where you can watch the videos that would be impossible using just the iPad. Continue reading

A Great App for Toddlers

Most parents look out for educational games that can help their toddler grasp basics like colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. While some iPad apps for children are solely for entertainment, others engage and teach young children. TapTot iPad app by Blue Mint Studios is a great way to keep younger kids engaged while they learn.

TapTot is specifically designed for pre-schoolers. The colors are amazing, and the app development makes the iPad app easy to use. Children who are still developing their motor skills can easily learn by “matching and catching.” As an artist, I’m impressed by the unique look of this iPad app for children. The learning elements and the background appears to be three dimensional and inviting.

Fortunately, Blue Mint Studios has thrown in a bonus with this remarkable app – a matching mini game. This game reinforces what the child has learned by boosting his/her memory. TapTot is fun, friendly, and engaging for tots. When it’s time to pick out apps for the kids, parents don’t have to leave out the pre-schoolers. TapTot would make a great addition to your iPad!


iPad Satellite Weather app

We recently had a tornado touch down in the Atlanta area. The doomsday local news channel got irritating after a few hours of sensationalism so I jumped on my iPad 2 to search for the weather apps. I found an interesting  iPad 2 app called SatWeather. This iPad weather application offers you real time images received from weather satellites around the world. We observed that this iPad 2 app is like a weather tool that gives a more precise read on weather conditions as it does analysis of cloud movement and patterns. Although, it did not give me a one-stop-shop of the weather data I wanted I found it a nice compliment to the Weather channel and my local news.
In this iPad app for weather we like some of its sophisticated features like the animation of the last 4 hours of cloud movement. You can also adjust the speeds of the animations by selecting the desired number of frames per second. This iPad app gives you a fresh set of images automatically every 30 minutes The iPad application is universal and compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and can be download on the Apple iTunes app store for $.99 by clicking here.

iPad 2 Polar Puzzles

As we reviewed this iPad app game that was released on the app store in June one strength stood out to us. The color animated graphics are really good! We even tested this out on our 2 year old daughter and it was too difficult for her but she was engaged by all the colorful images. We found this game experience to be fun and I got a little obsessive with it as it should be with any iPad app game. If you like challenging and fun puzzle games then you should give this one a try. The Penguin characters are a nice touch and we found that it did was challenging to navigate all the mazes and pesky obstacles. This iPad app game is also integrated into the Game Center so you can play with friends around the globe. There a lots of wacky achievements to earn and brag about to friends in the Game Center! There are 75 levels to explore so you’ll not run out of puzzles any time soon. The lite version is free on the iTunes app store by clicking here.


For Music Lovers with an iPad

There is an amazing iPad app out there for music lovers. Moo Cow Music’s iPad 2 app is called Pianist Pro, and it has children and adults using their touchpad fingers to play piano melodies with their iPad.

With the variety of piano apps on the market, Moo Cow Music stands out from the crowd. Their multi-touch piano app actually features a full 88 key piano keyboard. As a pianist, I can tell you that there is nothing more frustrating than playing a keyboard with limited keys. Music lovers are forced to only play a segment of a song or transpose it completely because of the limits placed upon them by the creators of the keyboard. Fortunately, users will not have to worry about that with Pianist Pro!

Another irritation with common keyboards is the sound. If your ear is acutely tuned to how a note is supposed to sound, then the annoying bings of a computer generated keyboard is enough to drive one mad. The sound on Pianist Pro, however, is ‘sampled from a real piano for maximum authenticity!’
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