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MyLine iPad App Review

Facebook on the iPad has not been the most innovative experience we had hoped for although we expect a new release soon. However, we’ve discovered a really cool iPad app that integrates with your Facebook profile called MyLine. MyLine pulls your entire Facebook timeline of your history and displays it on your iPad stylishly. Once you log into your Facebook account on MyLine you’ll immediately be dazzled by the elegance of this app by the Kopper Creative developers. The layout is visually pleasing and the navigation through all of your Facebook content works smoothly.
The app design allows you to quickly see your recent Facebook wall posts, status updates and photos which are stacked neatly on your iPad display. Browsing through your wall posts with a swipe is the way Facebook should be experienced. When I first bought the iPad i tried to do all of my everyday stuff on my iPad but eventually I just went back to using Facebook on my Macbook Pro. MyLine iPad app has renewed my excitement about using Facebook on the iPad again. With a tap and a swipe I can see my wall posts, status updates,events,check-in’s and leave comments all in a real-time viewing experience on MyLine. Continue reading

Review: Buncee Pro eCard and Greeting Card Creator

The touch interface with the iPad is changing how we work, play and connect with one another. My favorite iPad apps are the ones that inspire and energize me to create something. Buncee Pro is an iPad app that is all about expression and sharing. This iPad 2 app encourages you to express yourself using your personal photos, drawings and saved images by creating high quality eCards. This fun iPad 2 app has a giant library of backgrounds and clip-art ready made for you to easily lay the foundation for your eCard creations. Using all the tools included in this iPad app allows to create beautiful collages and greeting cards with photos from your image library. What I like best about this fun and creative iPad app is how easy it is to quickly produce your first eCard.

The Buncee Pro iPad app has 80 unique quality backgrounds and over 150 clip art choices for all your design needs. The first time we opened up this fun interactive iPad 2 app we enjoyed just exploring all the different backgrounds. In Buncee Pro you can also freehand draw using different pen sizes, opacity levels and there are 20 different color options. I also was impressed with how you can stylize your photos and edit them to look black and white or sepia toned. Buncee Pro for iPad takes advantage of the touch interface so that you can drag, pinch and zoom to rotate and resize your images with ease. We think you’ll really like your high resolution finished creations so much that you’ll share them with all your friends and family and even use them as your iPad wallpaper. You can also sign up for a free account at for additional tools and more personalized sharing options. Buncee Pro is available on the app store for .99 cents by clicking here. Continue reading

Roadshow is a new iPad 2 app for offline video

 Roadshow is an iPad 2 app that was just released on the app store that we thought you video watchers might find helpful.  With this iPad app you can collect web videos for offline viewing which is a great idea. Unfortunately, Apple would not allow YouTube videos to be saved in the development of this iPad 2 app because it violated the terms of service. I’m a frequent TED Talks video watcher so this works really good for HTML5 based video but not flash video. Vimeo, MSNBC are some others sites that work well using this video app for the iPad.

How to save videos.

Roadshow has a built-in web browser that you can use to land on your favorite websites. When you find a compatible video, you’ll see it show up in a horizontal scrolling icon list above the browser. To download and save the video for offline viewing on your iPad, tap the action button on a video icon and a bar shows you download progress. You can also touch with one finger on a video in the found video shelf to see its full title. Roadshow puts the captured video onto a “collection” shelf where all video clips are stored. To watch your offline saved video, you simply tap on it and then tap the play button. The video goes to full-screen mode and when your done you can delete the video using the trash can icon. Sharing videos with friends is easy. Simply tap a button to send a link to friends via Twitter or email. Fetch Softworks (my favorite Mac FTP client maker) showed some innovation in the design of this app which is something to build on. This will only get better with time and as Flash starts to be replaced with HTML5. Roadshow is a top iPad app that is intuitive, easy-to-use, and a great way to watch offline video on your iPad. It is available on the app store for free and to remove the ads for $4.99 in-app purchase.  Video instructions below. Continue reading

Soon a top iPad app for learning guitar

A Finish app development startup has launched an interesting iPad 2 app that is a game and learning tool for guitar. This iPad tablet app, called WildChords lets you learn guitar while interacting in a game-like atmosphere. This iPad 2 app recognizes the chords you play on your guitar and in essence your guitar becomes your game controller with this innovative iPad audio technology. The gist of the game is that you are surrounded by all types of exotic animals that have escaped from the local zoo. Your goal in this iPad game is to return the animals to the zoo by hypnotizing each animal with the strum of different chords on your guitar. Each of the animals will respond to a real-life chord, for example, ducks will follow you if you play in the chord “D”, elephants will be attracted to the “E” chord. You get the idea. When you correctly play the chords you become the hero and save the village from the wild escaped zoo animals. The animation and graphics alone will likely make this iPad tablet app an international hit for the beginning guitarists. This may be one of the best iPad 2 apps for learning basic guitar to arrive this year. We found a nice demo of the Wildchords app on Youtube (below) from Intomobile that shows how cool this app will be. As of yet it is not on the U.S. app store so we’ll update this post as soon as it hits the store along with pricing news.

Bamboo Paper iPad 2 app

Bamboo Paper, a seriously fun new iPad app that allows you to design your own virtual notebooks on your iPad 2. Wacom is broadening their product line with the addition of the Bamboo Paper iPad 2 App to go along with their popular Bamboo Stylus. This is a cool app/stylus combination and we really like how these 2 flow together letting you share your idea sketches in a matching app interface. This app is great for mind mapping or brain storming your ideas in a visual way. And when you need to find a previous drawing or sketch you can rifle through the thumbnail images of your masterpieces to quickly select them. This would be great for demonstrations or group collaboration.  You can also share what you doodled on your iPad via email or just print right from this iPad 2 app for productivity. Paired with the Bamboo Stylus, it turns your iPad 2 into a really nice paperless communication tool. Bamboo paper is a new iPad app that we recommend . There are a number of other popular drawing top iPad apps out there, for example Penultimate, but the combination of both stylus and app together in Bamboo paper are great.  You can download it for free on the iTunes app store by clicking here. Video demo is below the fold. Continue reading