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We find for cool iPad apps everyday on the app store. Developers are releasing their best cool iPad apps even more with iPad 2.

Review: Seconds to New Year App

The holiday shopping is over at my house. We’re starting to relax and slide on into the string of U.S. holidays coming in the days ahead. Namely, Christmas Day and New Years Day. Joe Allen has developed a great New Years countdown app for iPad that he just released on December 15th. This iPad app is called Seconds to New Year. 

I don’t know about you but I pretty much take my iPad everywhere I go now. No really. For example, I went to the grocery store and used the free wifi to surf while shopping. At my son’s basketball games it’s with me in the bleachers. We’re going to a big neighborhood New Years eve party and I’m going to break out this seasonal iPad app to be the official time keeper to ring in the new year. (screenshots after the break) Continue reading

Flipboard iPad App Expanding into TV?

The highly successful Flipboard apps for iPad now has hopes to expand into TV and movies. Flipboard is a really one of the best iPad apps magazines that boasts 3 million downloads.

According to

Flipboard mixes articles from a growing list of brands like and the Economist with endless feeds from Twitter and Facebook into a customized magazine style app. With Flipboard most all of the free content online can be read.

This could be a smart play for this heavily funded startup especially since the Tablet market continues to explode. Industry experts predict Tablet sales should almost triple to 43.6 million units for 2011, and then double again to 81.3 million tablets in 2012. Reuters says that Flipboard is now talking with studios striving to acquire deals and rights to add TV shows to their platform.

Air Sketch is an Essential Presentation Tool

We found a top iPad apps for presentations and as a teaching tool called Air Sketch. Imagine you have just made a sales presentation on the big screen in front of the executive committee. During the Q&A that follows you want to validate each comment and idea that is offered by your audience. You could give a nod or even jot down notes on paper but even better would be to turn your big screen into a whiteboard that you sketch on from your iPad. Air Sketch apps for iPad allows you to transform your iPad into a wireless whiteboard! (screenshots below the break)  Continue reading

Unlimited Free Music Listening on Your iPad

I enjoy listening to music on my iPad 2 all day long. I’m typically using either the Pandora or Groove iPad apps to play my tunes. I’ve just found a cool iPad app just released that doesn’t require buying songs or memberships. This new iPad app is called Music Tandem, and allows you create your custom music channels from videos published on YouTube and

Tap on this iPad app and you’ll quickly be listening to your favorite artists. This app allows you to create playlists based on an artist, tag or genre just like you would on Pandora. I really like the fast search function that immediately begins making song suggestions as you type the name of the artist. With so many artists and songs on YouTube you will have a wide variety of artists available. You can navigate easily through ad free songs and even skip past videos quickly. With one tap of this iPad app you’ll quickly create new music channels as Music Tandem offers new suggestions. You can add an unlimited number of music Channels and from there setup your own Favorite Channels for quick access each time you open this iPad app. (screenshots after the break)  Continue reading

GMO Busters HD Game App for iPad

Turkish developer, Swift Development has just updated their uniquely designed iPad app game called GMO Buster HD. According to the developers, this iPad app game concept originated from observing the wildly successful Angry Birds app.

The game concept is just as fun as Angry Birds but with a more meaningful and organic message attached. Smash and obliterate Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). GMO crops have been very controversial around the globe and U.S.opposition to genetically modified food has been strong in the past. Not only can you become an activist in banning GMO’s but you can cut, toss and Ninja slice the genetically altered tomatoes in this game app for iPad. The good guys in this game are are the BIO tomatoes who fight against the GMO tomatoes. The object of this game is to smash the GMO tomatoes and protect mother earth. (screenshots and video demo after break) Continue reading