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We find for cool iPad apps everyday on the app store. Developers are releasing their best cool iPad apps even more with iPad 2.

Review: Bear Rescue HD for iPad

We are reviewing today a new iPad app game that was just released on the iTunes app store on October 23, 2012. The developer is Wheiros and the app is called Bear Rescue HD. This game app offers fun for the whole family. This mind puzzle iPad app game has nice graphics that you’ll enjoy on your iPad tablet device.

The object of this game is to help the little bears find their way back to their basket. You’ll need to guide the bears through a range of obstacles which include avoiding the dreaded ducks and stinging bees. You’ll also need to avoid letting the balls fill up the the bears place in the basket. (video demo and screen shot after the break) Continue reading

Color by Number App for iPad

We found a cool iPad app for visual artists, design professionals, developers, students, teachers and color enthusiasts. The name of this app is Color by Number from developer Keith Lovell.

The Color by Number app randomly generates billions of combinations of four different colors that not only keep you entertained but serve as tool for discovery and use of color with applications of your choice – in the studio, the office, at home, or in the classroom and beyond.

 Coloring by Number can be even be fun for those who love to discover and experiment in different mediums using color.  The Colors by Number app interface has been designed so it is easy to navigate and intuitive. The interface is divided into a central display area with control panels that feature multiple options for viewing, defining, adjusting and managing selected color sets. Continue reading

Review: PDF Reader-iPad Edition

We all use and need PDF capability with all of our mobile devices. We found a best of breed PDF reader app exclusively for the iPad tablet. This iPad app comes from developer Kdan Mobile and is called PDF Reader – iPad Edition.

The best iPad app we’ve use that gives you all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a PDF reader. The PDF Reader – iPad Edition app is a solid iPad reading tool that allows viewing, sharing, and annotation capabilities that goes beyond your expectations of what a traditional reading. It simply turns your iPad into an world class e-reader that both businesses and education will benefit from. Continue reading

New iPad App- Piano Dust Buster

We wanted to share with you a brand new iPad app from JoyTunes, the developers of RecorderMaster! The name of this new iPad app is called Piano Dust Buster which transforms piano practice into a fun experience. The developers have really hit a homerun with the design of this new app. When you first open the app you’ll immediately begin playing piano on this iPad app or you can use your actual piano to integrate in with real piano practice. We really like the graphics and the creative concept of when players play the correct note in this app the granny character hits it with her dust buster…thus the app name- Piano Dust Buster.

We think you’ll enjoy how the Piano Dust Buster app allows you to play the notes using an onscreen piano keyboard or you can play with your own piano. Germ Attack and Staff Master are the 2 game modes that turn piano practice into a fun game. In Germ Attack players play a note as it reaches a specific rhythm line. The note comes down over the key on the onscreen keyboard making it easy to see what to play. Points are earned and the Germ Attack tracks high scores and integrates with Game Center. (screenshot and video demo after break)  Continue reading

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