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We search to find the best iPad 2 apps for your iPad 2 device. We hunt and review best iPad 2 apps sometimes before the apps are released.

Showyou iPad 2 app

We are loving this new iPad app called ShowYou which is the same company behind video startup This great new iPad app focuses on the social component of online video. We are voting this to the best iPad 2 apps category. You can download this iPad app in the iTunes store here.

iPad Moleskine app

Think, type and draw the moleskine way. The official Moleskine iPad app just hit the Apple app store a few days ago. If you are Moleskine fan we think you’ll enjoy it on the iPad and iPad 2. This productivity ipad app allows you to express your creativity through text, images and sketches. This iPad app takes full advantage of the touch screen similar to other drawing and note taking ipad apps. The Moleskine ipad app lets you select their classic notebook paper style. You’ll enjoy creating a drawing with the ability to select amongst different colors and sizes. Once you are done with drawing or writing your idea, you can store it on your device inside the Moleskine iPad app and make edits whenever you want. We like the ease of writing or editing a text note. We like being able to choose 3 different Moleskine notebook paper styles: plain, ruled, squared. Not only can you import you images into this iPad app but you can Geo-tag each note created and create a virtual map of your memories. Giving shape to what’s in your mind has never been so elegant and easy in one of the best iPad 2 apps of its kind.

This American Life iPad app

If you are fan of the iTunes Podcast This American Life then you’ll love this news. They have just released their popular show as an iPad 2 app. It does come with a bit of price tag at $4.99 but we like it just the same. Just think of it as making a donation to public radio. The features they put on this iPad 2 app really compliment the new iPad 2. You take advantage of this iPad app for streaming all of the archived episodes (currently 430+archive on demand) and listen to the live show feed.  We rate this app in the best ipad apps category. We really think you like the single button play option for each individual story within an single episode. You will not have to more fast-forward through audio to get to the specific section you were looking for. Also pretty exciting how they’ve included a lot of audio and video extras. This is a spell binding radio show that has a heart beat you’ll want to stay up-to-date with This iPad 2 app will help you do just that. Get this iPad app from the iTunes store by clicking here.

Atari Greatest hits for iPad

Atari’s Greatest Hits for the iPad and iPad 2 hit the iTunes App store this past week. They are rocking with this retro classic and are now one of the Top Selling Free iPad apps. This was a great idea to release the greatest hits version. This classic best iPad apps. game brings the best of old-school gaming to the iPad with 100 Atari Games. For those of you who love the classic gaming experience this ipad app breakthrough will be right down memory lane. It is also an opportunity for a new generation to experience the early days of game development. This iPad app game brings beautiful memories for some of us. This should be a part of school curriculum to educate our youth of the evolution of the gaming industry and it is conveniently on the iPad for schools.

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Vimeo iPad 2 app

We are excited to announce that Vimeo app has arrived for the iPad 2. This iPad 2 app is crammed full of all the best parts of Vimeo into just one app for the iPad 2! Vimeo on the iPad allows you to upload, edit, manage and watch your videos right from this iPad 2 app. This easily makes our best iPad 2 apps category.  We’ve been waiting for this iPad app which allows you to watch all the great videos based on your personal preferences or Vimeo curated channels.
This iPad 2 app lets you upload raw footage in HD or SD to the cloud or download Vimeo clips to the camera roll. Ok, we need a drumroll for this next part…. this iPad 2 app also has a simple video editor that lets you record, trim, and edit your clips with transitions,  effects and titles. You can also integrate background music and personal recordings with control volume levels. Bravo Vimeo!