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We search to find the best iPad 2 apps for your iPad 2 device. We hunt and review best iPad 2 apps sometimes before the apps are released.

Mathificent for iPad

I’m always looking for great education apps for the iPad. Especially apps that engage kids to learn and play at Math. We found a great iPad app that does just that. This app is called Mathificent by Webucator and was released on August 28th, 2012.

Mathificent is a game and a learning tool that has been well thought out by the developer and would be a great addition to your collection of education apps for your children. Continue reading

Note Anytime for iPad

best ipad appsOne of the reason why I use my iPad 3 more than my laptop is that I can take all kinds of notes on the fly. There have been a plethora of note taking apps that we’ve played around with but we’re reviewing one today that is a rock star in this category. This iPad app is called Note Anytime. This is one of  the best iPad apps for note taking and sketching on the app store today. Whether you are a student taking copious lecture notes or a designer we think this iPad app offers a broad spectrum of on board tools that will make your life better. Continue reading

Inside the World of Dinosaurs for iPad

I grew up fascinated with Dinosaurs and no one has watched Jurassic park more than I have. It seems deep down everyone has a connection and fascination with Dinosaurs and especially children. We’ve found a Dinosaur app perfectly suited for the iPad tablet interface that will leave you spellbound revisiting the world of these ancient creatures. This new iPad app is called Inside the World of Dinosaurs from developer M5859 Studios.

This visually pleasing app is wonderfully narrated by Stephen Fry and everything about this iPad app is professionally produced. Inside the World of Dinosaurs iPad app is a comprehensive encyclopedia that is the best iPad app of its kind on the iTunes app store. (screenshots and video demo after the break) Continue reading

3D Photo Ring HD iPad App

Most of everyone who owns an iOS device enjoys the photo capture and storage capabilities. There are plenty of apps that offer different ways of interfacing with your camera roll and we’ve found a very unique and stylish one called 3D Photo Ring HD. This iPad app transforms your iPad tablet into a 3D photo viewer that is very unique and stylish. 3D Photo Ring HD iPad App offers a spellbinding interface that allows you to keep track of hundreds of photos with a swipe.

Admittedly, one of the mundane tasks associated with the camera roll on my iPad is searching for photos. With 3D Photo Ring HD it turns this task into a speedy and  fun task.  The onboard color sorting technology in this best iPad app allows you to save time hunting a specific photo. I even found it kind of hypnotic just playing with the stylish movement of the photo ring. This app for iPad also offers an interactive 3D slideshow presentation of your photos. According to the developer this innovative 3D photo arrangement and color-based organization feature is faster than 2D since it speeds up the visual search from the human eye. (screenshots and video demo after break) Continue reading

OnLive iPad App Released

OnLive has finally put their app where their mouth is with it’s just released iPad app called OnLive Desktop. There have been a ton of virtualization apps for iPad that have made their way to the iTunes App Store. These type of virtualization apps allow you to interact on a desktop virtual machine directly on your iPad 2 tablet. OnLive has jumped on the bandwagon with an interesting cloud-based solution that benefits from their experience as a provider of streaming gaming experience through their XBOX OnLive cloud gaming platform. Continue reading

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