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We search daily for the best apps for iPad. We often are the first to find best apps for iPad from developers.

Best iPad App for dictation

Dragon Dictation is an application from Nuance that takes your voice and turns it into text.This is one of the best ipad apps we’ve tested for dictation on the ipad. We really like it. Since all of the voice to text transcription takes place on Nuance’s servers, you do need to be connected When you open Dragon Dictation iPad app all you’ll see is a big record button. When you tap the screen, your iPad will begin recording your voice. Once you’re finished recording, you need to tap again to stop. A recording of your voice is uploaded to Nuance’s servers and transcribes it into text. The text can then be emailed or copy and pasted into any application on your iPad. If there are errors in your transcription you can tap at words and choose from a list of alternate words. If the word you’re looking for isn’t in the correction list, you can manually fix it with the iPad’s on-screen keyboard. It’s not possible to train Dragon Dictation like with Nuance’s desktop applications, but the application will read your contact’s names so it can transcribe them accurately.
One way we’ve been using it is to dictate our Tweets to Twitter. You can be sitting
with your iPad at the Dentist’s office or at stoplight and dictate a quick Tweet and send it to your Twitter account without leaving the app. Pretty cool.

The Daily in the App Store

At My iPad Apps we’ve been big fans of some of the news magazines apps that have hit the App Store. The iPad app called Project has been stunning from day one. Now, The Daily iPad App jumps into the fray with the first ever daily newspaper just for the iPad. One word I remember from The Daily news conference event today to describe the new iPad app was immersive. It is true. I just spent 30 minutes going through every page. I even welcomed the few advertisement pages that were delivered. They were amazing too! Everything was beautiful and engaging. The print world of newspapers are a dying breed. How can they compete against such a captivating interactive news medium. I’m one of those people who go to sleep looking forward to having coffee in the morning. No really, I think about it every night. Now, I look forward to reading my new installment of The Daily iPad app with my coffee.  There is a new edition of The Daily early every morning — 365 days a year. They also deliver breaking news stories throughout the day, and many articles pull in data from the web at large, so that stories have elements that live in real time. This iPad app is free for the next 2 weeks. Then it’s just 99 cents a week or $39.99 a year.  The Daily iPad app is currently available exclusively on the App Store. We have to put this in the best iPad app category!

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