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We search daily for the best apps for iPad. We often are the first to find best apps for iPad from developers.

10 Best iPad Apps For Drawing

Here’s news that might crease the corners of the art world in a good way.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is going where they never went before in terms of exposure. The grand old Met sits on the corner of 81st and Fifth Ave.

It found that home when Ulysses S. Grant was president. Recently, this 140-year-old cultural and social icon of New York City decided to put their foot in the 21st-century.

The Met introduced an app for people who love art and for folks who love to create. Forbes calls the app “simple and modest,” and that’s good news for art novices and new art lovers.

Artists around the globe who consider themselves “Met-a-holics” are pushing their data to the limit because they want to get a little closer to this grand old art dame. The pros are calling the new MET app a mobile museum for art lovers. But the Met doesn’t have the only social art app that opens its digital doors to people who live to create different forms of beauty.

We found ten of the best iPad apps for drawing:

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Review: Cook Happy-Recipe Videos

We found a great new food app for your iPad for those who love to cook and eat great food. This new iPad app is called Cook Happy-Recipe Videos from the developer Demand Media.

This innovative new app has a great interface that you’ll find easy to use as you tap through the different cooking videos. This iPad cooking app offers very high quality graphics and the videos are beautifully shot and edited to play on the iPad retina display. Continue reading

Review: Bear Rescue HD for iPad

We are reviewing today a new iPad app game that was just released on the iTunes app store on October 23, 2012. The developer is Wheiros and the app is called Bear Rescue HD. This game app offers fun for the whole family. This mind puzzle iPad app game has nice graphics that you’ll enjoy on your iPad tablet device.

The object of this game is to help the little bears find their way back to their basket. You’ll need to guide the bears through a range of obstacles which include avoiding the dreaded ducks and stinging bees. You’ll also need to avoid letting the balls fill up the the bears place in the basket. (video demo and screen shot after the break) Continue reading

Note Anytime for iPad

best ipad appsOne of the reason why I use my iPad 3 more than my laptop is that I can take all kinds of notes on the fly. There have been a plethora of note taking apps that we’ve played around with but we’re reviewing one today that is a rock star in this category. This iPad app is called Note Anytime. This is one of  the best iPad apps for note taking and sketching on the app store today. Whether you are a student taking copious lecture notes or a designer we think this iPad app offers a broad spectrum of on board tools that will make your life better. Continue reading

PDF Reader Pro

best ipad appsWe tend to see a lot of PDF readers for the iPad tablet on a regular basis. App developers are always releasing PDF reader apps with more features since there is demand for this. One of the best of the breed is PDF Reader Pro, by developer YUYAO Mobile Software.

This iPad app allows users to create or modify PDF documents in just about every possible scenario. One huge feature that we love is the ability to create PDF’s out of scanned pages using the iPad 3’s built-in camera. (screenshots after the break) Continue reading

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