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Our writers review Apps for iPad daily, announcing Apps for iPad as they’re released on the app store.

OnLive iPad App Released

OnLive has finally put their app where their mouth is with it’s just released iPad app called OnLive Desktop. There have been a ton of virtualization apps for iPad that have made their way to the iTunes App Store. These type of virtualization apps allow you to interact on a desktop virtual machine directly on your iPad 2 tablet. OnLive has jumped on the bandwagon with an interesting cloud-based solution that benefits from their experience as a provider of streaming gaming experience through their XBOX OnLive cloud gaming platform. Continue reading

Painting with Time App Released

It’s always nice to think of New Years day as a new beginning or a fresh start.  We think we’ve found a stunning iPad app that will give you a fresh look at your world as the clock ticks down. Painting with Time app for iPad was just released by Red Hill Studios. Red Hill Studios is an award-winning Bay Area transmedia design company that creates interactive games for health, online science games and apps, and immersive museum exhibitions. They’ve also brought to you the Exploring Time documentary series. After spending just a few minutes with the Painting with Time app you’ll realize how brilliant this design idea is. We think this app for iPad will expand your view of the world and can even open your mind to possibilities.

The Painting with Time iPad app is very unique and entertaining. In short, this app allows you to have fun brushing on the iPad tablet and playing with the flow of time in a given landscape. (video demo and screenshots after break) Continue reading

Adobe EchoSign for iPad Just Released

Adobe has released one of my favorite productivity tools, Echosign, today for the iPad.

This new iPad app is available now, and now offers iPad users the ability to securely digitally sign your documents with a legally binding e-signature right on the iPad 2 tablet. This just took a great idea and made it even easier to send and sign digital documents.

We like how you can easily use your Echosign account within this new iPad app. Once you login to your EchoSign account you be able to search and send from the EchoSign library. Adobe wisely built-in real-time status updates so you can tracking the progress of the document. (screenshots after the break) Continue reading

Review: Seconds to New Year App

The holiday shopping is over at my house. We’re starting to relax and slide on into the string of U.S. holidays coming in the days ahead. Namely, Christmas Day and New Years Day. Joe Allen has developed a great New Years countdown app for iPad that he just released on December 15th. This iPad app is called Seconds to New Year. 

I don’t know about you but I pretty much take my iPad everywhere I go now. No really. For example, I went to the grocery store and used the free wifi to surf while shopping. At my son’s basketball games it’s with me in the bleachers. We’re going to a big neighborhood New Years eve party and I’m going to break out this seasonal iPad app to be the official time keeper to ring in the new year. (screenshots after the break) Continue reading

Woodcraft iPad App

best ipad appsWe found a really great iPad app for designing your next project or deck building job. We put it to the test with a premier PVC deck builder in Atlanta to get their input. This iPad app for business combines elements of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and 3D modeling into a useful in-the-field app. This iPad app is called Woodcraft and is brought to you from the developer Fasterre. This is a useful tool not only for the professional builder but can tackle your home woodworking projects also. (screenshots and video demo after break) Continue reading