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Our writers review Apps for iPad daily, announcing Apps for iPad as they’re released on the app store.

Review: Kids Mosaic HD

We found a clever iPad app for children that brings those popular mosaic kits to the iPad tablet. This great new iPad app is even better in that it lets children have the mosaic experience without the mess and cleanup. This app is called Kids Mosaic HD and it involves replicating 36 different images or your child can just use this iPad app in a free play mode to come up with their own designs.

The Kids Mosaic HD app has two modes of play. We really liked the adventure mode which offers children the ability to select their own mosaic image from a collection and then recreate it using colored tiles. Nine tile pieces are used to create the pictures, they include a square, four triangles and four quadrants. With a tap and drag the tiles can be easily moved into twelve different colors. Once children have selected their mosaic image they can begin moving the pieces on the iPad tablet screen. A more advanced game method for older children can recreate the picture by counting the number of pieces and then move the tiles to the correct space they belong. Continue reading

Painting with Time: Climate Change App

A while back we reviewed another iPad app by the developer Red HIll Studios called Painting with Time. Now they bring you another great educational iPad app about climate change. This app is called Painting with Time: Climate Change. This sequel app was released last month and it’s out in time for Earth Day.

This wonderful app for iPad has designed a great and engaging user interface so that with the swipe of your finger you can explore the dramatic ways earth is changing due to rising temperatures. Prepare to enjoy the ease of use and wonderful images but also you will probably be a saddened to visually see how rapidly climate change is changing our world. Continue reading

To Do Checklist is a New Productivity App for iPad

If you are productivity junkie or just want to keep better track of all your “to do” list items we’ve found a new app by Braininstock that was just released on February 29th that we have for review. This app is called To Do Checklist and it is universal and work on iOS devices. I’ve been using the GTD method of keeping organized and clear minded in my daily work flow. This iPad app allows you to create different categories for your lists which I really like and is a must. You can set reminders for each of your tasks through the built in notification center.

The interface of the To Do Checklist app is clean and easy to navigate. The developers of this iPad app have done a nice job with including preset category lists as well as with a simple tap setting up your own customized new category list. Easily add contact information to your tasks with the integration of your address book built-in to this app. Continue reading

iPad App Math Game- Answer 2 Equations

We found an iPad app that will keep your children entertained as students and sharpen their math skills all at the same time. The app is called Answer 2 Equations and we see this app being useful for students, parents and really anyone who want to learn and sharpen their math skills. This iPad app offers a no matter what your age this math app offers a challenging level of difficulty and has struck a balance between doing math and having fun in a game-like format.  Answer 2 Equations  offers you robust math problems to solve using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The game is set up so that you have more than 60 total math cards to select from.(5 sets of cards numbered 1 thru 12.
). There are 4 levels of play which are: easy, Ambitious, Challenging, and Mind-blowing. (screenshots after the break)  Continue reading

Beautiful iPad Maps-UpNext HD Maps

A company called UpNext is redefining the use of maps on the iPad 2. UpNext has partnered with Verizon Wireless on a wonderful geographical mapping project that brings 3D technology to your iPad tablet. This iPad app is called UpNext HD Maps and it covers the entire U.S. of 20 major metro areas allowing an enhanced 3D city view.

Some of the cities UpNext includes in this iPad app: Los Angeles New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, and Atlanta, to name a few. Plus, more cities are coming soon. Some other really practical features include local search, venue reviews, deal finder and they’ve integrated Foursquare as well. Get UpNext HD here its free son the app store.  Continue reading