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Our writers review Apps for iPad daily, announcing Apps for iPad as they’re released on the app store.

Review of New App BUCKiTDREAM

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 7.29.00 AMToday we’re taking a look at the new app called BUCKiTDREAM. This new iPad app was just updated by the developer, Electric XP.

The BUCKiTDREAM app allows anyone to create  and share your must-do dreams with your social network. We all have a mental list of dream vacations, lofty personal goals and life experiences that we call our bucket list. This new app makes it easy to share your list with people around the world. This social tool can connect dreamers around the world to discover thousands of bucket list ideas and encourage others to share the journey and ultimately live those dreams.

We really like this concept that the developers have launched and think it’s a great way to keep your goals and dreams in front of you. Also, when you publish your goals and dreams with others it helps you be more committed and focused on accomplishing your dream goals. Continue reading

Music Tubee for iPad

new ipad music appsWe discovered a cool music iPad app that offers YouTube music videos on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The iPad app is called Music Tubee and is a free YouTube music player app that offers iPad users the top ranked and latest hits of your favorite songs with the Top 100 Charts by country.

What we like about this iPad app is that Music Tubee automatically finds music videos on YouTube. The design of this app is well done and is easy to navigate to the top ranked videos and allows users to listen to the latest songs without making a purchase from the iTunes Music Store. Continue reading

Valentine Videogram-Review

best iPad appsWith Valentines day just around the corner we wanted to review a Valentine app for the iPad. We found one from the developer Image Metrics called Valentine Videogram. Valentine Videogram app for iPad allows you to send fun, animated videos and picture messages to your special someone on Valentines day or any other special day.

This app offers a clean user interface that gives you the ability to control the character you use in your videograms. With a tap you can easily create unique custom messages that say what you want to say to your special someone. (screenshots after the break) Continue reading

Review: Mojo Masks for iPad and iPhone

free ipad appsWe found a really cool and unique app for iPad 2 and up that you’ll have so much fun with. It is called Mojo Masks and was just released a few days ago on the iTunes app store. Mojo Masks integrates with the camera on your iPad and allows you to add some pretty cool effects when you are shooting video.

The developers of Mojo Masks have given thought to making this iPad app easy to use so that while you are in the moment capturing video footage your not scrambling with a difficult user interface. We really were impressed by the high special effects that you have at your fingertips with the Mojo Masks app.   Continue reading

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